A Day At Solitude

By Powderhound Cat Dec 20, 2010
A Day At Solitude

Well powder lovers, it has been a great start to the season. The best part of ski season to me is more than just good snow, it's having company. Tuesday my first winter company arrived and we headed out to Solitude. Solitude has been featured in numerous publications lately, including the LA Times

There are so many reasons to love this resort. I found it to be a great hill for the beginners that I took last year. I also love stopping to look around and contemplate just how beautiful almost every view of the resort and from any peak really is. There are plenty of challenging parts of the terrain as well, as my visitors this time around got to explore in Honeycomb Canyon. There was a groomed black, Challenger, that stayed in great condition all day- perfect for people looking to amp up their ability on that type of run. 

One thing in particular that I love about Solitude is how easy it is to get in and out. You don't need a local powderhound tip to know that you can park close, get a lift ticket, and be on a run in no time. There's no secret to it. 

We ate at Stone Haus for the first time, and it was amazing. You can get a slice and beer for 6 dollars, which is typically the price of just the beer at other places! Here's a fun photo of the resort:

1292353996216 (1292353996216)

And one of us enjoying beers (we upgraded) at lunch. My company loved the resort and skied from 9-4!

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