A first time lesson for adults! Don't be afraid...

By Mountain Mama Jan 16, 2012
Trying to ski or snowboard as an adult can be scary. For kids, there isn't quite the fear. I followed along as Julie took her first lesson at Snowbird and we got some great tips!

As an adult that doesn't ski very well, I totally understand the fear of learning to ski.  So, when we joined Julie up at Snowbird for her first ever lesson, here is what we saw:


Join me next week as we learn about ski etiquette and also Ski with a Ranger.  It was fun, and was great for the kids.

If you need rental deals, Ski' N See has some great deals this month for Learn to Ski and Snowboard month.  It is the month to learn.  Please share your stories with me.

On a weather note...being the Meteorologist that I am...even though I stay at home with the kids now, I still keep an eye on the weather.  With that said, there is a pattern shift this week for Utah.  There has been a persistent high pressure blocking the whole western US.  It spells dry.  Basically, it is like a boulder in a stream.  When water or small rocks hit the boulder, they can't knock it down, so they go over the boulder.  The high pressure is the same...the storms go up and over until finally a big "boulder" comes along and knocks the persistent boulder out of the way.  Well, it has finally been knocked down and it will open the door for moisture to finally hit the west.  Since it has been awhile in coming, we will look for snow to pile up fast.  I'm thinking a trip to Utah is in order.... In fact, Brennan got up this morning, got dressed and has had boardy boots on all morning.  Let it snow!