Plan Your Holiday Family Ski Vacation Today

By Adventure Mom Nov 19, 2018
Have you dreamed of taking your family on a holiday ski trip? Not sure where to start? Ski Utah is here to help.
Plan Your Holiday Family Ski Vacation Today

Have you dreamed of taking your family on a holiday ski trip? Not sure where to start? You shouldn’t fret because it’s actually pretty easy to plan a ski trip for the family. In no time, you’ll be warming up by the fire after spending all day on the slopes. Now grab that cup of tea and your computer, it’s time to start planning your ski trip. 

1. Start planning the dates

You should know that planning a holiday ski trip is something you should do 3 to 6 months in advance. If you're a procrastinator and are starting to plan for this year, you'll be just fine too!

A ski trip around the holidays means that you need to know when everyone is available! Start asking ASAP so you can start planning now.

Plus, ski lodges book up fast, so you’ll need to know how many people you are accommodating. If you’re just taking your immediate family, then you don’t have to worry about everyone else’s schedule.


2. Start planning the gear

You can’t take a ski trip without proper gear. Before you start planning, go through your families stuff to see what ski gear they have and will need. Ski gear can add up, so you don’t want to be surprised when it’s time to start packing.

Trust me, you’ll want to spend the time doing this now! It’s worth it.

Also, make sure your family is dressed warm enough for a ski trip. I don’t think people realize how cold it can get. Keep in mind that when it’s around the holidays, it’s super cold outside. When your skin is exposed to super cold, it hurts! Proper ski gear cannot be skipped, especially a holiday ski trip for the family.

If you don't want to worry about schlepping your gear through airports along with your children, check out our friends at Ski Butlers - they'll deliver gear right to your hotel room or condo. Easy as that!

3. Start planning for accommodations

Once you know who’s coming, it’s time to start planning for those accommodations. Your first step is finding where you want to go. Do you want to drive? Do you want to stay close?

Are you on a budget? If so, start looking for a home or condo that can hold you and your family.

If you don’t want to stay at a ski lodge, you will need to spend time finding a hotel close enough to a ski resort.

Along with accommodations, you will need to arrange transportation. One perk to staying at a resort is that you are super close to the mountain already.

If you plan on renting a car or truck to get to the mountain, always check the weather! You don’t want to deal with slipping and sliding on the road!

4. Start that packing list

A packing list can help make sure you don’t forget anything. Some ski resorts do have what you need, but bringing your own will save you money.

A packing list is going to be your best timesaver and money saver.

Here are some items that I have forgotten in the past that I wish I didn’t!

  • Extra camera (not attached to my phone)

  • Medicine for the adults and the kids. We’re taking aspirin and allergy medicine. Of course, you don’t want to forget prescriptions.


5. Start planning your itinerary

If you’re taking the whole family on a holiday ski trip, you don’t need to have everything planned out, but you do need to have some things planned. 

When you’re on vacation, it’s important to know what you’ll do for food.

  • Will you bring your own food?

  • Will you eat out for every meal?

It’s worth your time to figure out which restaurants are close to where you’re staying. Also, note that skiing takes a LOT of energy. Planning meals accordingly is important. You kids will eat a lot!

Additionally, what other activities will your family enjoy doing together? Ice skating, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, dog sledding? Book those ahead of time to make sure your spots are secured. 

Completely lost? Try our trip planner that will suggest everything from resorts to lodging and dining and check out the best ski deals for kids.

6. Snacks are worth bringing

If you’re driving, it’s going to be a lot easier to bring snacks with you. However, if you’re flying to your ski destination it’s going to take some thought. What snacks are TSA approved that you can pack?

Trust me when I say that your kids are going to go through a lot of food and snacks!

7. Plan some downtime

Although you’re excited to go on a ski trip, you will want to plan some downtime. What’s the point of going somewhere if you’re not going to have time to relax?

When you’re traveling on a holiday ski trip, you will want to plan downtime for special moments.

  • When will you have family dinner?

  • When will you exchange gifts?

  • When will you participate in your traditions?

You will want to plan time to relax with the family, chat and enjoy each other.

If you’re planning a ski trip, make sure your kids are old enough to enjoy it. You don’t want to be chasing kids around who aren’t old enough to enjoy the trip. Plus mom and dad will both want to go skiing, not stay inside and watch a baby or toddler. Ski trips are definitely best when everyone is old enough to learn and get in on the experience.

For more information on trip planning for a family, we've put together a comprehensive guide from local experts.