Camping at Utah’s Ski Resorts

By Adventure Mom Jul 21, 2020
Did you know that you can do more than just ski at Utah’s Ski Resorts? Summer is a great time to take advantage of the ski resort hiking and mountain biking trails.
Camping at Utah’s Ski Resorts

There are several ski resorts in the Utah area that provide camping opportunities for those who would like to spend time outdoors while enjoying nature and the stunning scenery.

Check out the following resorts and then decide which one you would like to visit based on different factors, including the cost, location, and additional details of these resorts. Each place has something unique to offer. No matter which one you choose, you will have the experience of a lifetime.

Beaver Mountain

Beaver Mountain, located in Garden City, Utah, is a popular place for skiers and camping enthusiasts alike. Many choose to visit Beaver Mountain because of its beautiful scenery and all that is offered to them, including a spacious RV park with access to fire pits and large picnic tables, campsites for those who want to sleep in tents, and even lodges for those who prefer staying indoors. Bear Lake is a short 20 minute drive from Beaver Mountain and offers water sports activities and famous raspberry milkshakes.

Amenities & Activities 

The campground has much to do and see for gusts of all ages, including children and seniors. Guests can spend time in the campground where they will have easy access to long hiking trails and the beautiful Mountain Yurt. There are several bike trails for those who enjoy riding bikes, too.

Not only do guests have the option of bringing their RV with them for camping, but they can also choose to bring tents. Here is the list of amenities courtesy of the Beaver Mountain website. 

  • Shower facility with flush toilets: men’s and women’s

  • Close proximity to OHV trails

  • Full service 30 amp hookups for trailers and coaches of any size

  • Free Wi-Fi in full hookup area (Wi-Fi is not guaranteed for any location)

  • Group camping areas available

  • Ski lodge available for weddings, reunions, youth groups, conferences etc. May be rented in conjunction with campsites. Large grassy area adjacent to lodge included! 

  • Mountain Yurt also available for groups

Summer Prices 

If you would like to book a stay at Beaver Mountain's RV Park and Campground, make sure to complete your reservations in advance.

While spending time at Beaver Mountain, there are a few simple rules that guests should make sure to follow. Quiet hours begin at 10 PM and continue until 7 AM. If you’re interested in camping, there are several options, you can do RV camping, lodge camping, tent camping, and even reserve the Yurt. To check out the rates, you will need to go to the website, put in the dates you want to book, and go from there.

Alta Ski Area

Alta Ski Area, just outside Salt Lake City, is one of Utah’s most scenic ski resorts that offer camping. Many amazing hikes to lakes and viewpoints can be found near the Albion Basin Campground as well as some mountain bike trails. Take note that the wildflowers are quite spectacular in the summer months as well. Be on the lookout for moose and other wildlife that call Little Cottonwood Canyon Home.


What to Know 

The Albion Basin Campground is where all of the fun camping takes place in the summer months. In order to book with the Albion Basin Campground, you’ll need to go to Plan to leave your furry friends behind on this trip — dogs are not allowed in Little Cottonwood Canyon, a protected watershed area.

Lodging & Summer Pricing 

In addition to camping, numerous lodging options are also available. The price of lodging varies from one place to the next. You can book your reservation at one of several spots open for summer or simply visit them for a night off of cooking by the campfire.

Redman Campground between Solitude/Brighton

The Redman Campground between Brighton and Solitude Mountain Resort is just a few miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon. There is much to do and see in the area, such as fishing and hiking. The area is known for its scenic views and a massive elevation of 8,300 feet. In addition to going on hikes and fishing, guests may enjoy riding bikes on the trail while exploring the area and taking photos of nature’s beauty and the amazing wildflowers during peak summer months. Plan to leave your furry friends behind on this trip — dogs are not allowed in Big Cottonwood Canyon, a protected watershed area.


A short drive up the road, visitors will find miles of hiking and biking trails near Solitude and Brighton resorts. Rock climbing is also very popular in the area.

Summer Prices 

Reservations for the campground are available for as low as $26 per night. You can bring a tent or your RV to camp here.

Spruces (Big Cottonwood Canyon)

The Spruces Campground, located on Big Cottonwood Canyon Road in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a kid-friendly spot with an elevation of approximately 7,500 feet. Make sure you make plans to leave the pups behind for this one, too — Spruces is part of the Big Cottonwood Canyon protected watershed area.

Camping Options 

It is the perfect spot for those looking for a comfortable and convenient place to set up a tent or park their RV for a camping extravaganza. In addition to camping with friends or family, there are other activities that visitors can participate in, such as hiking, biking and enjoying a meal around the fire.


While visiting Spruces Campground, guests can check out wildlife in their natural habitat, go on a relaxing scenic drive around the area, ride bikes or even play volleyball on the court provided. Some people enjoy going on a backpacking adventure while spending time at Spruces. 

Spruces is also very close to Brighton and Solitude resorts, so be sure to take a scenic drive for more fun!

Summer Prices 

There is plenty of space available for RVs to park next to tents. Guests can book a reservation for as low as $26 per night. The cost will vary based on a few different factors, including the date of your check-in and check-out.

Mount Timpanogos Campground at Sundance

The Mount Timpanogos Campground at Sundance Mountain Resort is well-known for its surrounding beauty because it is in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah County, Utah. It is a great place to visit when you want to experience a stunning scenic view surrounded by aspen and fir trees.

Activities & Amenities

Those who come to the campground will often have picnics, go on hikes, ride their bikes on the trails and even indulge in activities at Sundance Mountain Resort just down the road. It is a great spot for those camping in RVs and tents. Its recreation sites are standard non-electric and RV non-electric. Activities at Sundance during the summer include scenic chairlift rides, zipline, horseback riding, fly fishing, art classes, music and more.

Summer Prices

Guests can make reservations online. A stay at the campground will cost as low as $24 per night. If you’d like to reserve a campsite call 1-877-444-6777 or you can click here to make those reservations on-line.

  • 27 single sites: $24.00; capacity: 8 people + 1 vehicle per single site

  • Extra vehicle and day use/picnicking fee: $8.00

  • Picnicking (Day Use) in a campground site: $9.00

What to Know

Keep in mind that you cannot camp beyond seven days at Mount Timpanogos Campground. Also, if you have an RV longer than 20 feet, you won’t be allowed in the campground. If you’d like to invite friends and family for the day to join you, keep in mind that there is a cost involved.

  • Three-day passes are $6 per vehicle

  • Seven day passes are $12 per vehicle

  • Annual passes are $45 per vehicle

Whether you are traveling alone, with friends, or with family, these are the best ski resorts in Utah that provide camping opportunities for guests. Many resorts do not have camping onsite like the above mentioned but still have campsites nearby. The best places to search those out are on or The Dyrt.