a locals attraction

By Ali Feb 9, 2008
a locals attraction

I guess I always thought this blog was most useful for tourists and people from out of state, but from my experience today at Deer Valley, I realized that its good for locals too.

I also realized that Deer Valley is definitely more of an attraction for locals than tourists.

I have been to Deer Valley one other time, about 2 years ago on a spring day just before they were closing. Today was totally different. Sunshine. New snow. Friday. And was it a holiday in Utah? Did I miss something? I took my lovely mother to the resort to ski with me this morning. After driving past 4 different lots we found room in lot 5 and got geared up to go. Well, we thought we were going to go....after 5 different shuttles came by a sixth finally had some room for us.

dv-001 (dv-001)

I was blown away at how many people were there. I was skeptical that we'd be able to get in much skiing. Once we got up mid-mountain I realized how close-minded I had been. There is so much freaking terrain and so many lifts at that place! And so many more lodges/accommodations (hello Ritz Carlton) being built. Where have I been??? Well, I know where I've been...not at a place that charges $79 for a day of skiing. Regardless, Deer Valley is place that you locals who haven't been there need to try. It is open and beautiful. We didn't wait in a single line (except to get food).

dv-003 (dv-003)

And about the food: Perhaps my mom had some guilt from all the cold dry pb&j sandwiches we ate in the back of the station wagon, shivering in the resort parking lot when we'd go skiing back in the day, because she went all out when it came to lunch today. Their carrot cake was delicious, hamburger was good but the bun was dry, and the fries...uh, if you've read one of my previous posts you know I'm a sucker for fries. Of course they were good.

If you're a local-find a way to get yourself to Deer Valley. It's worth it, I promise.