A Ski Party- Deer Valley Style

By Bob Winter Feb 11, 2008
A Ski Party- Deer Valley Style

Deer Valley has the honor of annually hosting one of the stops for the professional tour in the skiing world- the World Cup. Having made the trek up to Deer Valley back in my college days I knew what I was getting into- a GREAT time. The actual World Cup activities last most of the week with preliminary events during the week and the Finals taking place on Friday and Saturday. In the past the events have included the Aerials and Dual Moguls. This year spectators were treated with an additional event for the first time ever in North America at World Cup level, a Ski Cross competition.

ski_cross (ski_cross)

wc_moguls (wc_moguls)

wolrd_cup_finish (wolrd_cup_finish)
The events take place mountain side on lower Deer Valley with the Aerials and Dual Moguls Finals at night. After the Finals the crowd is entertained with a free concert and fireworks. Be sure to bundle up because it can get cold.

Don't miss out next year. The World Cup is a great party.

If you'd like to see highlights from this year's World Cup check out Versus on February 17th at 4 p.m. EST.