A Strange Day on the Wasatch Front

By Happy Painter Jan 10, 2008
A Strange Day on the Wasatch Front

With both the Cottonwood Canyons closed this morning due to avalanche control work, the closest and fastest way to get to powder skiing from Salt Lake was to head to The Canyons. I have never skied The Canyons on a powder day before and, to be honest, I wasn't expecting too much. However, what happened to me today I would without a doubt consider my best ski day of the season.When we got to the mountain hopped on the "Flight of The Canyons" Gondola on our way to the Ninety-Nine-Ninety Lift. Tim and I popped our twin-tips into the ski rack and boarded the gondola.

We were enjoying the speedy ride up the mountain when I yelled at Tim "Oh crap, did img_5068 (img_5068) that really happen!?!" We had been hit by a gust of wind and I had seen his ski chatter in the ski rack and then disappear. Apparently the wind had knocked it out of the rack and it had fallen into the snow below.

We went back (Tim on one ski) to find the ski but had no luck. We reported it to Guest Services at the Canyons, who had Ski Patrol go out and look for the missing ski. In the mean time they hooked Tim up with a free demo rental and promised us a phone call as soon as they found it. We headed up the Gondola again, this time with the skis inside the cab, and then headed over to Ninety-Nine-Ninety.

Much to our surprise the runs weren't tracked out and the conditions were better than we

img_5162 (img_5162)

ever expected. Every turn we took, no matter where we went, was something to brag about. We lapped the same runs (Lower East Face and Dutch Hollow off of Ninety-Nine-Ninety and The Abyss off of the Peak Five Lift) all day, which had a never ending supply of freshies and faceshots.

Well, our time at The Canyons taught us two things; always bring your twin tips into the Gondola with you

img_5098 (img_5098)

and The Canyons has epic powder skiing terrain that is guaranteed to give you a good time.

Despite the hiccups, we can honestly say that this was one of the best days of skiing in our

lives and one we won't soon forget! At the end of the day Tim said something that resonated with me, he told me that "despite the lost ski, our souls never sank. The only sinking we did was in the powder."