Affordable Options From Learn To Ski/Snowboard Month

By Powderhound Cat Jan 22, 2013
Powderhound Cat went out and found someone to TRY SKIING just to tell you the same message - January is the best time to hit the slopes!
Affordable Options From Learn To Ski/Snowboard Month

Skiers tend to hang with other skiers. We can’t help it. We need friends that understand happiness when it snows – the pure joy of a powder day that is a million miles away from people whining about having to scrape ice off their windshield.

Trying to expand my social circle beyond skiers was a resolution of mine – so that I could convert them. This is the second time trying to convince you to head to the hills. So I got reinforcements. I recently talked to my new friend Jake, who found out about Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month from a Tweet of mine.

A lifelong Utahn, Jake hadn’t been compelled to ski until now. Last Saturday, braving FREEZING cold temperatures in as many layers as he could find – he headed up to Brighton.
Our resorts are currently giving the mountain away, so to speak. Jake got a rental, lesson and lift ticket package for $45. Yeah, you read that right. He was thrilled for the chance to share his experience with you.
He brought the voucher for his learner pass to the resort at around 9:30. Since there was no line, he tells me the process was quick and easy. There was that daunting feeling of being a grown adult learning something new, around a bunch of kids, a little out of control…but then it clicked. He was in the zone in no time. He credits his amazing instructor and the little tips and tricks that he learned in the lesson. He highly suggests leaving the teaching to the professional, not the college roommate or friend of friend of friend you know that skis.

Learning to Ski!

Jake is now eager to go back – and you can still take advantage of these deals for the rest of the month. Expect to be blown away by stunning views, sunshine, clean air and lift riding adventures.
Now is the time to check out skiing in Utah. If you are a local never ever, or know someone who is, pass this information along. Bring your buddies that have always said “maybe someday.” It changed my life, it changed Jake’s. He’s already thinking about the weekend, the ski culture, the great resort lunches, the time with new friends, and the fun drive up to the mountains. You should too!


*Let It Snow*


Powderhound Cat