All alone at Alta 5-24-2011

By Powderhound Matt May 26, 2011
As this endless winter rolls on another storm system left half a foot of fresh snow atop of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

The much talked about Rapture never showed up on Sunday but guess what did? Another round of snow for the Wasatch. Tuesday morning's storm deposited an additional 5-7" of snow above 8,000 feet in Little Cottonwood Canyon and with Snowbird now running on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday schedule, I was forced to break out the skins once again and earn my turns. This winter has just been incredible and although Alta is officially done updating their year to date snow totals, I've done my best to estimate Alta's current total. I figure Alta has received right around  785" inches of snow this season! That is just incredible.

I'm also getting the feeling that most people here in Utah are kind of over the snow, which is fine by me because that just means less competition for untracked lines. Today was the first time I've ever had to put in a skin track at Alta from top to bottom. It was a really awesome feeling knowing that I had the entire mountain to myself. For those of you that ski Alta, well you know that's a pretty rare occurrence, especially since I arrived in the Wildcat parking lot after 11am. 

Originally, the weather was supposed to warm up for the Holiday weekend but now it looks as if there will be two more opportunities for snow this week. A quick shot on Thursday and then another more promising chance over the second half of the weekend. It would be nice to see the sun every once and a while but if this weekend's storm pans out and things are even half as good as they were at Snowbird this past weekend then all you remaining powder hounds out there will be in for a treat.  Saturday was one of the only days this season I didn't ski with a camera of some sort. I was thinking that it was probably our last real powder day of the season so I really just wanted to enjoy the day.  Well I guess I should have known better because this week has already offered up one powder day and I have a feeling there will be more to come. 

Take a look at what Alta looks like when you have it all to yourself, I shot this video on May 24th, 2011 right around noon.