Alpine Pass at Park City Mountain Resort

By Powderhound Matt Aug 9, 2012
A friend recently visited who said "All I want to do is cool mountain stuff." The Alpine ticket at Park City Mountain resort should do the trick.

Last weekend, a friend of mine had an old friend in town from Dallas, Texas. Right off the bat I was told, "All I want to do is cool outdoor mountain stuff".  So that's exactly what we did. On Saturday we flat out kicked her butt on a 12,000 foot peak in the Uinta Mountains, so come Sunday I figured a little R & R at Park City Mountain Resort would be well deserved. Now I've got to be honest with you.  I've been living in Park City for almost 7 years and I've never thought to spend a summer's day at Park City Mountain Resort for anything other than mountain bike riding. I always thought it was a place for kids, I mean seriously, alpine slides and coasters, they're not for adults right?  WRONG!  

The plan was to grab a couple of Unlimited Alpine passesand try each of the three main attractions once. We started on the Alpine slide and I'd give it a 7 out of 10 on the fun factor.  Next we decided to hit the Zip Line and it absolutely did not disappoint.  So far PCMR was two for two and gaining momentum.  The last attraction was the Alpine Coaster.  Now I've seen this thing hundreds of times; mothers and fathers riding down the coaster during the winter months with their children tucked tight between their legs.  From time to time you'll hear a little scream or shout when riding up the Payday lift.  Honestly, I didn't have high expectations for this thing.  Well after ripping down the mountain at mach speeds and slamming G-force turns that I thought were impossible on a Mountain Coaster, I was absolutely hooked.  10 out of 10!  The time was now 3pm,  and the crowds had really thinned out at the resort, so instead of sticking to our original plan of riding each ride once,  we proceeded to spend the next 3 hours just lapping the Coaster, each time laughing and enjoying it more and more.  

If you're like me and think you're "too cool" for PCMR during the summer months think again. I guarantee you will have a blast, so give it a shot.