Alta 11-5-11 & Weekly Conditions Report

By Powderhound Matt Nov 7, 2011
Gunsight at Alta was in our sights all morning long so we just had to ski it! This blog also kicks off my own personal snow and weekly conditions report.
Alta 11-5-11 & Weekly Conditions Report

Our mission on Saturday morning was to ski Gunsight at Alta, let's just say mission accomplished! Enjoy the video and photos I put together from the mornings powder adventure.



This winter I'm going to be doing a weekly snow, condition and weather blog. In these reports, I'll highlight where I think the skiing will be best in the state based upon weather forecasts and current snow conditions. As some of you have found out already, i kind of have a knack for finding the deep untracked powder at our resorts. Being obsessed with the weather helps, but paying close attention to the finer details of a forecast, combined with knowing most of our resorts inside out and backwards has really helped me discover stash after stash of powder. Being obsessed with weather is one thing but actually studying it is another. I actually studied it on a collegiate level for two years before I realized I'd much rather be playing in the snow than forecasting it. While I'm no professional, from time to time I can be pretty accurate when it comes to forecasting these winter storms and maybe, a couple of times this year I'll give you enough advanced warning so that you can put in for a few days of vacation, so you and your friends can come on up into the mountains and ski powder all day until your legs fall off.

Currently we are finding the deepest snow in the state at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon and over the highest elevations of the Uinta Mountains. This is pretty normal for this time of year. Another area that has seen some very good early season snow are our resorts below Interstate 70. Both Eagle Point and Brian Head have received close to feet of snow so far this season and it's currently still snowing down there. The National Weather Service in Salt Lake City is calling for a storm total of 6-12inches by 2pm Monday afternoon.

The General forecast for the entire state this week is sunny and cold. That will give our snowmaking teams a chance to make snow around the clock especially at the lower elevations of Park City, Deer Valley and Canyons. Park City has been blowing snow round the clock since last Friday. How do I know this? Well let's just say town has been humming to the sounds of the snow guns blasting on the hillside all weekend long.

Our next opportunity for snow doesn't look to come until next weekend, around the 12-13th of November. The computer models have been showing multiple solutions for how, if and when this weekend storm develops. Last night's run of the Global Forecasting Model looked awesome. If this scenario where verified we would be talking feet of snow for all mountain areas. At the moment I'm not really sold on this solution, we will just have to wait and see how things pan out over the upcoming week, but there is surely something to keep our eyes on.  Wouldn't it be great to have a crushing snowstorm on opening weekend! Be sure to post comments or questions in the comment sections and I'll do my best to update forecasts as the end of the weekend nears. You can also email me as