Alta Bids Farewell to 2008!

By Chris B Dec 31, 2008

Don’t forget to send off 2008 in style with Alta’s annual torchlight parade. Be a part of rolling out the red carpet down the cat track for 2009. An extra dose of fireworks are in order to celebrate Alta’s 70th anniversary, so don’t miss out!

The event is free to the public and is for all ages. The Goldminer’s Daughter is a great place to gear up and refuel with some pizza, nachos and a pitcher of beer. Remember to wear old ski clothes and leave your poles in the car so you can hold a torch. There are red flashlights for children and those that don’t want to carry a torch.

The Wildcat lift reopens at 5:15 and everyone meets at the Watson’s Cafe for free hot chocolate and cider. The fireworks start at 6:00 and the parade will last until about 6:30. Check out for more info. See you there!