Alta Lincense Plates

By Bob Winter Mar 19, 2009
Alta Lincense Plates showcases license plates from around the country that eulogize Alta. You can view the plates under Mountain Cams & Pics by selecting Slide Shows and clicking on License Plates. To date, they've seen representation from 36 states. If you've spotted a plate or have one of your own, send it in now. Alta will take multiple submissions for a particular state, so don't hesitate to send in a picture for a state already represented. Digital images go to

final-print-quality-alta-gala-09img_assist_custom (final-print-quality-alta-gala-09img_assist_custom)The next round of interactive Alta games encourages those ‘characters' to stand and be counter. Break out the camera and/or dust off those slides - the Alta Characters Slide Show needs your images. Show how you see Alta personified. What characters make your day, or give you a grin? How do people show Altatude? Whether it was history made, or it is history in the making, Alta wants to see it. Send digital 'character' images to

Finally, it's not free but here's another way to show your Alta support: The 3rd Annual Alta Gala celebrates Alta's 70th anniversary March 21, 2009. Tickets to the dinner and silent auction at La Caille are $100 but come with a one-day ticket to Alta and a $25 gift certificate to a later visit to La Caille. Event proceeds will be split evenly between Alta's non-profits: Alta Community Enrichment, Friends of Alta, and the Alta Historical Society. Contact Jen Clancy at or 801-742-9719 for more information. Make sure you put it on your calendar for next year, if you miss this year's event .

Source: On the Snow