Alta Lodge brunch and here comes the snow!

By Mountain Mama Oct 22, 2012
Alta Lodge is one of those lodges with the old school feel. Brunch is very popular through the summer and winter gears up for yummy dinners and great skiing. As we speak...the first winter storm is on the doorstep.
Alta Lodge brunch and here comes the snow!

Alta is one of my favorite areas...I'm not going to lie.  It has that old school feel of back to the basics lodges, skiing and runs. Just get to the resort and get down to business, the reason you're ski!  The great thing gets tons of snow each year.  A monthly average of over 80" during the season!  Some of the best snow in the country!  That is a topic for another blog.

Emily and I had the pleasure of heading to Alta Lodge for the last brunch of the season.  I'm the first to say I'm not a big foodie.  I've mentioned this before, I eat to survive.  That's why this winter Ski Utah will have a new foodie blogger!  I am however, happy when I don't have to cook.  When we got to the lodge late on a Sunday morning, I was surprised at the crowd!  The leaves were turning, the air was crisp and inside was cozy and filled with yummy food!  Emily and I sat by the fire, listened to live music and waited for our table.  Emily was most excited about the table of juices that she could help herself to over and over and the phone....Yes, are we all aging ourselves when the little ones are fascinated with a phone that has a cord and is plugged into the wall.

We sat next to the window with the awesome views...wait till winter...and enjoyed the lovely spread of food.  From scones, eggs and sausage to salads, chicken and the deserts....we were there for awhile to say the least.  The feeling is cozy, the staff are friendly and the food is great!  If you're looking for a getaway, Alta Lodge is awesome.  The rooms are cozy with great views and best of all, no TV's.  I mean really, when you have a view out your window do you need to be watching the latest reality show?  And by the way, if you haven't booked your Thanksgiving holiday yet, Alta Lodge has a deal for you!

Which leads me into the next topic...the weather!  Our first BIG winter storm is upon us.  I'm going to toot my own horn a minute and refer back to my last blog...  Talked about this one way back a couple weeks ago!  Looking at the latest satellite, anytime you see clouds that look like popcorn sitting off the NW coast, you know it is a cold storm!  Indeed, snow starts tonight at high elevations in our mountains.  Each day we see the levels lowering through the end of the week.  By the end of the week....should see a good base start to form.  Stay tuned!