Alta: No glitz, no attitude, waist deep powder

By Bob Winter Feb 26, 2009
Alta: No glitz, no attitude, waist deep powder

What more can I say?  Alta is that kind of place.  Period.

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From the chatter around the lift line, it's clear that it's not just the powder that draws people to Alta -- it's also the people themselves. Old college buddies, moms and sons, widows who used to come with their husbands ... everyone returns without question.

Likewise, all the locals I meet say they'd intended to come out for a season and do the ski-bum thing. But before they knew it, 10, 20, 30 years had passed -- and they're still here. "Alta just swallows you up," says Craig Dillon, Didi's ski shop crush, who, it turns out, is 41 and has lived here half his life.

And so, because people never leave Alta, it's only natural that they grow old here. Not in the typical, canasta-by-the-pool way of growing old. Rather, Alta is like a real-life "Cocoon," where the mountain is the fountain of youth. Senior passes start at age 80.

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p.s.  407" of snowfall YTD.