Alta opening and a pattern change!

By Mountain Mama Nov 26, 2013
Opening day at Alta...I've never done it, but it was beautiful and quiet! And getting ready for a pattern change? Mother Nature may be brewing up a good start to December.
Alta opening and a pattern change!

I love Alta.  Period.  Once upon a time, I only skied Alta.  That was until Brennan appeared with his obsession with snowboarding.  You see, Alta is only one of two resorts in Utah ski only.  Deer Valley is the second.  So while the kids are at school, I have a getaway to Alta.  I've never skied opening day.  It was a chilly, crisp day with no lift lines.  There is something to be said of the solitude at Alta.  The scenery and the backdrop of Mt Superior.  It is that feeling of being in the wild...still part of nature.  Alta doesn't have the big lodges, the big has the feel of a small town, that's my style.  In fact, you can still see that lone dude skiing in his jeans!

On this day, I took just a few runs.  On the top of Sugarloaf lift you can see for miles..just you and the peaks of the Wasatch Range.  Take a minute to get your camera out and soak up the views once you get to the top before you race down.  Even if you're not a great skier like me, there is a nice blue run from the top.  I think there is a misconception about is only for hard core skiers.  It actually is not.  From the Sunnyside lift, there is some of the best green (easy) terrain for the kiddies as they are getting started.  Sure, you look up at the Baldy Chutes and all the crazy hard terrain for those that want that challenge-me, I just cruise with the kids.  You can also access great powder off Sunnyside during big powder days.  Shhhh, don't tell anyone!  When big snow hits, the powder types head to the top, me and my powder pups stay low...there are jumps, trees, and lots of fresh pow we can hit without going all black diamond.  And Alf's Restaurant has the best bread bowl soups.  Always my favorite. If you really want a deal, after 3 PM, you can access the lower lifts on the Albion side for $10!  A way to get the kids up with a few runs and not having to buy a whole day pass.  Kids can get crabby and sometimes that day pass goes wasted.  This is a way to get a few runs without breaking the bank.

So as I head back to reality, I have the memories of Alta as the first place my kids both ever went to daycare, skiing on Christmas Eve and some of the best powder days I've had.  And hope to sneak back up again.

Now speaking of powder.  Are you ready?  Mom Nature may be getting her act together for the pattern change we've been waiting for!  The weekend starts to see some "sputtering" and by Monday through next week, we get that great north/northwest flow we've been waiting for!  Stay tuned as of course things can change, but as of right now, December looks to start off on a good note.  Days of consistant snow is great as it give the resorts time to pack and build the bases for a successful year.

Have a great Thanksgiving and let's be thankful for our great resorts and to a healthy and safe season!