Alta's Opening Day! The best is yet to come...

By Powderhound Matt Nov 19, 2010
Alta's opening day of the 2010-2011 season
Alta's Opening Day!  The best is yet to come...

Opening day has come and gone and it was filled with untracked turns all morning long; that said I know the best is yet to come!  Alta opened for the season this morning with 89 out of its 116 trails open, 82 inches of recorded snow and a 40-inch base. Even though today’s skiing was awesome,

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I can't help but be super excited for what’s in store in the days to come.  The forecast for this coming week is ridiculously awesome.  The National Weather Service in Salt Lake City is calling for up to 4 feet of snow by Wednesday! 

Below I’ve listed three of my favorite websites for getting the inside scoop on where and when to ski Utah’s snowiest resorts.

First, is the forecast for Little Cottonwood Canyon, be sure to pay close attention to the bottom section of the page, here it shows storm totals and the issuing meteorologists often post insightful information in the remarks section.

Second, is the grid point forecast for Alta.  This shows you the forecast for the next seven days but is broken down into 6-hour intervals.  One thing to note here is that the snow accumulation forecast only goes out three days, so don’t be discouraged if you see snow in the forecast but no snow accumulations on the chart past day three.

Finally, this last webpage is for all you Alta Powderhounds . I hate highlighting this site because I feel like I’m the only one who knows about it and I’m giving away one of my biggest secrets, but hey, I guess that’s my job now. I found this little gem on the Alta website a couple of years ago and it became my best friend. This is the Alta expected openings page.  Check it early and often because it’s updated early in the morning.  This allows you to map out your ski day according to what Alta’s Ski Patrol plans on opening first. I like to check this site right before I hop in the car and head up the canyon.  This way you know where to keep your eyes focused. Is this morning's powder session going to take place in the Ballroom, Backside or Devils Castle? Are they opening Baldy Chutes today?  Bookmark this site and you’ll never have to ask these questions again.

And, in case you are interested in updating yourself on Utah's resort snow totals statewide don't forget to check the Ski Utah Snow Report at