Aprés Mountain Biking in Park City

By Powderhound Matt Jun 19, 2012
Sure we've all heard of aprés ski, but aprés mountain biking? Here's the low down on where it's going down at the Canyons, Park City and Deer Valley.
Aprés Mountain Biking in Park City

Aprés Mountain Biking?  Yeah there is such a thing and I'll tell you where it's happening.  You know that feeling you get when you're done with a 20 + mile ride in the middle of July?  That feeling like you could literally eat a cow, well if your ride takes you towards Deer Valley be sure to check out the Deer Valley Grocery located below the main parking lots at Snow Park.  Here you can relax on the outdoor deck, drink awesome local beers and have burgers made to order.  It's kind of like a little backyard BBQ.  Be sure the staff brings over their condiment boat.  Crazy and exotic mustards and sauces are all there to accompany your custom designed burger.  I created a Turkey Burger with, bacon, guacamole, swiss cheese accompanied by some sort of fig mustard.

Turkey Burger and Local Beer (img_0987)

 May sound strange but it was awesome!  Here is our Sunday ride map that helped build the appetite.

deer-valley-cafe-finish1 (deer-valley-cafe-finish1)

If you're riding around Park City, be sure to try out the Silver Star Cafe.

Silver Star Cafe Deck (img_0921)

The cafe is located just below the Armstrong Trail head.  Armstrong is an uphill only trail, but try climbing up Armstrong and then down the incredibly awesome Spiro Trail.  End up at the Silver Star Cafe and once again enjoy local beers, fish tacos and pizza!  Remember this is coming from a born and raised New Yorker.  The below loop can be done in about 2 hours if you're an intermediate rider.

Mid Mountain Climb (img_1010)

Or take your time and enjoy the views of Park City.

silver-star-finish (silver-star-finish)

Finally, if you're looking to push your limits try climbing up through Old Town Park City, or through Empire Canyon at Deer Valley. If you'd like to make the ride a bit easier take the Town Lift at Park City Mountain Resort.

Town Lift at Park City Mountain Resort (img_0972)

Then make your way back to Shadow Lake at Park City Mountain Resort and start the dreaded climb up "Puke Hill". Once you've made it to the top you're almost at 10,000 feet.  Here you can see it all, Deer Vally, Park City, Brighton, Solitude, Alta, Snowbird and Sundance! It's really incredible.

Brighton from the Top of the Crest Trail (dsc00148)

From there take the Crest Trail all the way over to the top of the Canyons Resort where you'll have some of the most memorable down hill single track ever.

Canyons Down Hill! (img_0961)

You'll descend over 3,000 vertical feet and it takes almost an hour just to get down to the base! Now this is a serious ride it's a 20 -30 mile ride depending on where you start, but once you've made it down to the bottom of the Canyons be sure to go over and check out Red Tail Grill.  Incredible Slow Cooked Beef Nachos,

Slow Cooked Beef Nachos (img_0964)

an unreal Summer Pork Tamale (best I've ever had!) and fall off the bone St. Louis Ribs with an awesome Cactus Slaw!

Pork Cheek Tamale and St. Louis Ribs (img_0996)

This place is the real deal. I mean come on, you've just burned off a couple thousand calories, I think you've earned the right to indulge.  Oh and I almost forgot, the margaritas at this place are off the hook! The Black and Blue and the Jalapeño with exotic sea salts are my favorite.

Red Tail Ritas! (img_0962)

Enjoy the food and get out and ride!


Here is the Crest Trail ride map.

red-tail-finish (red-tail-finish)