Are you old enough for a Senior season pass?

By Yeti Sep 3, 2014
Great rates but goofy deadlines.
Are you old enough for a Senior season pass?

By Harriet Wallis, the geezer gal:

The good ole' days are gone. Labor Day used to be the cut-off date for all pre-season pass discounts. But times have changed. This year, the discount pre-season price cut-off dates are all over the calendar from September into November. And some resorts don't indicate a cut-off date after which prices might go up. In addition, some resorts start senior pricing at 62 years but others start it at 65 or 70. Be savvy.

Here's a roundup of ages, pricing and deadlines:

At Alta, if you're 65-79 a season pass is $599 through Sept. 24. If you're 80 or over, it's $49.

At Brighton, senior passes start at age 70 and are $325 if you buy by Sept. 18. From Sept. 19 on it's $425.    

The Brighton/Solitude interchangeable Big Cottonwood Pass is $599 through Nov. 3 for those 70 and older.   

At Brian Head, Utah's southernmost resort, seniors 62-69 can buy a season pass for $309. Those 70 and older pay $199.

Cherry Peak, the new resort about 15 miles from Logan, expects to open Dec. 13. Senior pricing starts at 70 but its website shows only day pass options this year. Senior full day, $32. Half day, $27. Night, $18. 

At Deer Valley, seniors 65-71 get a season pass for $1,020. Seniors 72 and older pay $935. And seniors 65 and up who want a mid-week only pass can get one for $935. Prices are good through Oct. 31.   

Eagle Point near Beaver, offers a mix of options if you're 65 and older. A Thursday day pass, $30. A Friday, Saturday or Sunday day pass, $38. Holidays, $48. However, season passes for those 70 and older are $409.

Park City Mountain Resort offers passes with bells, whistles and add-ons such as night skiing, fast lanes to the lifts and parking. But a bare bones senior pass for those 65-69 is $515 through Oct. 15. Those 70 and up pay $290.

At Powder Mountain, a senior 62-69 gets a season passes for $435, while those 70-79 pay $175. If you're 80 and over, a season pass is $20. Prices could change in September. Day tickets are also discounted for those 62 and up.

Snowbasin's season premium pass is $589 if you're 65-74. But if you're 75 or older it's $89.

Snowbird has three options for seniors 65 and older. An unlimited season pass with chair and tram is $659 until Sept 10, but $799 after that.
There's a mid-week option with tram and chair for $549 and a chair-only option for $449. Those two prices do not have cut-off dates.   

At Solitude, seniors 70 and up get a season pass for $499 until Nov. 3.

Sundance offers season passes for $125 those 65 and older.    

Beaver Mountain, Canyons and Nordic Valley do not show season pass discounts for seniors on their websites.

Harriet Wallis has been a ski writer, editor and photographer forever. She learned to ski on a dare when she was in her mid 30s and has been blabbing about it ever since. Read more from Harriet at Senior Skiing and Ski & Snowboard News.