Ask Me Anything

By Powderhound Cat Mar 30, 2011
Ask Me Anything

It has been a crazy adventurous winter so far, and it isn’t quite over yet! I spent most of my time meeting new people and talking with them about Ski Utah and our resorts. It almost always boiled down to the same conversations - I realized there’s something to that.

Here are a few of the most common questions I was asked this winter, as part of what I’ll call

 “Q and A with a P” (P is for Powderhound)

4. Does Ski Utah tell you what to write about?

I was surprised all winter that I received a lot of scepticism from people that had seen the blog. I discovered that people don’t trust bloggers, and think I just do what I’m told. First, Ski Utah gives me freedom to share my thoughts and experiences, to make it real. Did you see the name of my last blog post!?! Also, there are people I haven’t even met yet (most of them) in the ski industry here. And finally, I’m learning Utah the same way you would be if you visited, by the seat of my ski pants!

When explaining this, I always then get asked “Are you allowed to write (or why haven’t you ever written) anything bad?” As of today, my answer is the same: Yes, if something bad ever happens, I’ll tell you! It hasn’t. 

3. What is it like living in our vacation?

I never forget that I started out skiing the way most of you are now - at 4 days, maybe 8 tops, per winter. Realistically, you get a vacation or two. The main difference is I can be picky, skip a less than perfect day, cut out when it’s halfway done. You might be there from 9 until 4. You get my respect for that!

I love living in a resort and tourism driven area, and appreciate every single trip you take and dollar you spend to get out here for those turns. Living here totally rocks. Save up for retirement! There is a real secret here, that is important to remember. We need you, and you need us. We have a symbiotic relationship. Locals make the places you visit work, and you in turn provide us these opportunities. I feel that in Utah people really strive to make that relationship successful.

2. What is your favorite resort? Where was your favorite experience this year?

This is tricky. I’ve upped my skiing this year in a life changing way, that altered how I see the resorts. I’m hunting for the steep and deep, and conquered a lot of firsts. Skiing Jupiter Bowl was a big day for me. Overall, I probably spent most of my days out at Brighton and Solitude this season.

Maybe my favorite day of all was out at Snowbasin recently - it was absolutely zero visibility and my Ski Patrol buddy led us down a few laps from Strawberry Express through howling wind and a foot of snow. Despite these crazy conditions, we were giddy. Knowing I grew from needing sun and blue trails to letting go and skiing by feel really made the experience memorable.

img_0147 (img_0147)

1. Where do *you* take people for gear/shopping/food/drinks?

I got my boots done at Cole Sport, and I also rent there if I’m in Park City. I take guests to Christy Sport on Wasatch Blvd. if we are going to LCC or BCC. They treat my guests with a ton of respect, and patiently listen to concerns and find comfy boots. I always make guests demo skis at the Rossignol center I told you about if we ski Deer Valley. I love trying new stores, restaurants and bars all over Salt Lake and beyond. Have you tried The Devastator? Hop Rising? A pizza at Maxwells? The malls here are so clean and nice, and there are some great concert venues too. Park City even has an outlet mall. Don’t rule anything out on your trip planning. Bring your non skiers!

Honorable Mentions:

*Is Powderhound Matt available? You’ll have to dine at Yuki Arashi and ask him yourself.

*What is up with your hair? Skiing is all about expressing yourself!

*How are moguls formed? You’re kidding, right?

*Where are the funny videos like your entry video? Stay tuned. Now that all the advice and tips are out of the way, we can have some fun.

 Let me know if there's something I missed in the comments, I'll answer any question!

*Let it snow*


Powderhound Cat