ThermWise | Insulation for Comfort

By Abby Stanislaw Apr 2, 2024
Energy-efficient home upgrades, blending ski gear precision with insulation.
ThermWise | Insulation for Comfort

When my husband and I relocated to the Salt Lake Valley from New Mexico in 2022, we were mesmerized not only by the bold faces of the Wasatch Mountains but also the charming bungalow-style homes that fill the valley. That fall, we found the perfect little house in the Sugarhouse neighborhood. Dating back to 1949, it boasted a renovated garden and stunning views of Mt. Olympus. With its proximity to Snowbird for alpine skiing, Millcreek Canyon for skate skiing with our dog, and the Bonneville Shoreline Trail for after-work mountain bike rides, we were eager to call this place home.

Unfortunately, about a year after moving in, while doing some minor home upgrades, we discovered that the attic insulation desperately needed repair. Just as we meticulously select our ski gear for maximum comfort and performance, we approached our home insulation with the same level of attention to detail. We wouldn't settle for subpar ski gear that leaves us cold, just as we refused to tolerate inadequate insulation that allowed drafts and wasted energy. We sought insulation that would effectively seal our home, much like layering our ski clothing to trap heat and protect against the elements. And just as we invest in quality ski gear for durability and performance, we viewed our insulation upgrade as an investment in the long-term comfort, efficiency, and sustainability of our home.

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Our insulation professionals introduced us to the ThermWise program to get a rebate on our insulation project. With the ThermWise Home Energy Plan, we gained insights into how our home might be wasting resources such as natural gas and electricity. The process was enlightening as we went around the house with our tape measure, bucket, and flashlight in hand. Though we enjoyed giving our home a thorough inspection through the lens of the ThermWise Home Energy Plan, consultations are also available for expert evaluation and guidance.

In our quest for greater energy efficiency, we installed a smart thermostat into our home system. Much like fine-tuning our ski equipment for optimal performance, a smart thermostat allows precise control over our home's heating and cooling. This not only enhances our comfort but also contributes to significant energy savings over time.

Using the ThermWise Home Energy Plan helped us not only address immediate concerns but also plan long-term for future upgrades to save money and conserve natural gas. With a clear understanding of our home's energy usage patterns, we can make informed decisions about where to prioritize our efforts. Armed with this knowledge, we're better equipped to tackle our next upgrades, ensuring they align with our goals of efficiency and sustainability.

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In today's world, where climate change is a pressing concern, energy-efficient homes play a vital role, especially for outdoor enthusiasts like us who cherish activities like skiing amidst Utah's famous resorts. By reducing our energy consumption and saving on natural gas—the cleanest-burning fossil fuel available—we not only lower our utility bills but also contribute to mitigating the environmental impact of our daily lives. As lovers of the outdoors, particularly skiing, we understand the importance of preserving snowy landscapes. Embracing energy-efficient practices isn't just about saving money—it's about embracing a sustainable lifestyle and ensuring future generations can enjoy the same quality and quantity of snow we do today.

After getting our new insulation installed, we were able to cut our out-of-pocket costs significantly with the rebate from Dominion Energy. Our house is now warmer and quieter, making it an even more peaceful retreat after a day in the mountains. If you're looking to protect our snowpack, save money, and create a more fuel-efficient home, consider the ThermWise Home Energy Plan—it's a step toward a more sustainable future.

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