Salt Lake's best Spring Mountain Bike Trails

By Abby Stanislaw Apr 3, 2024
Looking for some spring mountain biking? Check out these trails that dry out early season!
Salt Lake's best Spring Mountain Bike Trails

It's that time of year again—snow still blankets the Wasatch peaks while the Salt Lake Valley begins to burst with greenery, blossoming trees, and longer sunny days. Spring is here! It's the season when you inevitably ponder whether to chase the renowned corn snow of the Wasatch or to dust off your trusty bike for a ride.

The Salt Lake Valley boasts an abundance of world-class bike trails, often accessible for several months depending on the snowfall. Typically, the bike season in Salt Lake runs from early to mid-April until late October or early November.

Mountain biking isn't just about thrills; it's also a fantastic way to stay fit and connected to Utah's stunning outdoor scenery throughout the summer months. Below are some mountain bike trails that are usually dry in the early season, along with resources to check trail conditions. 

Corner Canyon - Draper City, Utah: 

Located about 25 minutes south of downtown SLC, Corner Canyon offers a variety of trails suitable for all skill levels. Trails in the lower section of the canyon can be dry as early as March, remaining open until late fall. For trail updates, visit Draper City's Instagram page

Eagle Mountain Bike Park - Eagle Mountain, Utah: 

Roughly 45 minutes south of Salt Lake City, this small trail system boasts dry conditions early in the season, with well-maintained, fun, flowy trails. Repair stations at the trailhead are a handy amenity. Use mapping tools like Trail Forks or MTB Project, or visit the Eagle Mountain website for navigation assistance.

I-Street - Salt Lake City, Utah: 

Nestled in the foothills above City Creek and the capital building, I-Street is a dirt jump park with nearby trails that are well maintained. These lower-elevation trails typically melt out fast. Check the foothills trail report on for the latest updates.

Antelope Island - Antelope Island State Park, Utah: 

For a springtime adventure ride with potential wildlife sightings, head about an hour north of Salt Lake to Antelope Island. Explore single-track mountain bike trails amidst herds of pronghorn and buffalo. For trail information, visit the Mountain Bike Project page.


A couple of reminders for spring riding:

-Avoid muddy trails to preserve them for others.

-Check your bike's maintenance before your first ride. Salt Lake and Park City have several mountain bike shops to assist you in getting ready for a summer filled with riding.

-Stay hydrated and bring extra layers. Spring weather can be unpredictable, so be prepared for changes in temperature and conditions during your ride.

-Brush up on your trail etiqutte to ensure you're a good fellow trail user.  

Enjoy the riding this spring! Stay safe, stay off of muddy trails, and don't forget, the skiing is probably still great if the trails are wet.