Powder Mountain is So GOOD!!!

Snowboard Muse

By Snowboard Muse \ February 29 2016

A few friends and I had an outstanding day at Powder Mountain. I'm probably not supposed to say this but Pow Mow has to be one of my favorite mountains around. This place has such a great attitude, so much room for creativity, and they always under report their snow totals. This place is hard to beat!


Andrew Muse

Kimmy Sharp

Taylor Maag

Croshane Hillyard

Kevin Dupree 

Josh Heiner


Taylor Maag

Croshane Hillyard

Andrew Muse


Andrew Muse

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By Yeti \ Feb 23 2016

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Andrew Muse, originally from North Shore, Massachusetts. Followed his passion for the mountains and snow and moved to Utah at age 17. Nine years later he works as a professional snowboarder and content creator for brands like GoPro, Rossignol and SkiUtah. Traveling the country in his van with his pup Kicker, producing a travel series called "Tiny Home Adventure".

Hero Shot Cred

Photographer: Taylor Maag
Location: Powder Mountain Resort, Utah
Athlete: Andrew Muse