Best Cheap Eats in Park City

By Courtney Feb 26, 2021
Dining out in any ski town may have a reputation of being expensive, but there are some inexpensive gems hidden throughout Park City. Here are some of our favs.
Best Cheap Eats in Park City

I love going out to eat in Park City. Places like Handle, Firewood and Deer Valley Resort's Seafood Dining have special places in my heart and I will always recommend them to friends, family and Ski Utah readers alike as places to try when visiting our little town. 

But for those of us who live here full time, life gets a little out-of-hand if we’re going out to big dinners every night and eating multi-course lunches every time we ski. So today, I’m spilling a few secret budget eats spots around town that we locals frequent. You may have to get a little off the beaten path, but I promise each place is worth it. 



Local grocery store, The Market, houses an unassuming little grill that looks like a high school cafeteria and has what is possibly the best ham, egg and cheese sandwich in the west. For a cool $2.99, it’ll keep you going until lunch… and may actually be cheaper than making breakfast at home.

Pro tip: The grill also houses a Mexican restaurant that makes delicious (and cheap!) tacos and mulitas at lunchtime.  


Wasatch Bagel sports all the breakfast options, whether you prefer breakfast burritos, bagel sandwiches or pancakes. Snag a bagel with cream cheese for $2.98 on your way to Park City Mountain or a breakfast quesadilla for under $10. 

Chop Shop Park City (photo credit: Blake Peterson & Panic Button Media)



Owned and operated by John Courtney, who has worked at some of the most well-known restaurants in the states and competed on the Food Network show Chopped, just opened up this butcher shop in Park City and it’s quickly become my newest favorite spot in town. When I’m heading home from a morning of Deer Valley shredding, I always grab a sandwich—specifically, The Gencarelli, which may be the best sandwich I’ve ever had. It’s in-house roasted pork loin, caper mayonnaise, salsa verde and fresh arugula on a stunner of a sourdough bread loaf, all for only 12 bucks. Also, their Breakfast All-Day—breakfast sausage, wood-fired egg, cheddar on a housemade biscuit (cooked in their brick oven!)—makes for a killer meal, no matter what time it is.



One of the newer kids in town, Nosh supplies decadent Mediterranean food for a not-so-decadent price. Opened by chef Jason Greenberg, who was once on the kitchen team at the St. Regis Deer Valley, his food is super authentic, fresh and delicious. The falafel pita is unbelievable—with housemade hummus and an Israeli salad—and the roasted veggie bowl—with shawarma spiced cauliflower and sweet potato—will satisfy every hunger pang for less than $15 per person.


Sit-down food in Park City for under $10 a person? That’s unheard of in Park City. But at this little hole-in-the-wall spot, the food is delicious and cheap. I highly recommend their tacos—specifically their carne asada—which roll in under $3 apiece. Plus, you get chips and access to their delicious salsa bar, so with a few tacos and lots of tortilla chips, you’ll get out of here for under $10 per person.

twisted fernjpg



Hidden inside of a strip mall, this fine-dining restaurant has all of the delicious food and none of the pretension. The food features creative plays on food, fresh local ingredients and tasty cocktails. While Twisted Fern certainly has high-priced items on their menu, there are plenty of sub-$20 options, as well. I love the Shorty Melt, which is an open-faced sandwich on rye bread with braised short rib, gruyere cheese, garlic pickles, 1000 island dressing, apple-bacon sauerkraut and a fried egg. You really can’t go wrong with this after a long day shredding pow. 



Is there ever a bad time for pizza? Maxwells has the best pie in town with thin New York-style crust that pairs perfectly with cheap beer. The TVs are always playing sports, the bartenders are (mostly) friendly and you’ll end up sidled up on the bar next to a local who’ll give you the best tips on where to cross-country ski the next day.

Pro tip: While known for their pizzas, don’t miss their Philly Cheesesteak. I like it with beef, white American cheese and all the veggies. Plus, their fries are good


I’m serious. Park City's Whole Foods hides the Silver Mine Tap Room—a little bar and grill with a massive beer and wine list and some of the best bar bites in town. It’s not unheard of (by my husband) to have someone (me) go to the grocery store and not come home for a couple hours because oysters are $1 on Friday and glasses of rose come in under $10. It’s kid-friendly—their grilled cheese is amazing—and the food is solid across the board. 

Whether you’re cruising into town for a high-end vacation or couch surfing while you chase storms, there’s something inexpensive in Park City for everyone. Let us know what you try!