Just let go...How to climb the Psicobloc wall

By Travel Tips and Deals Aug 3, 2014
Climbing is one thing; coming back down is another. No harness. No rope. Just. Let. Go. Are you ready to challenge the Psicobloc wall?
Just let go...How to climb the Psicobloc wall

Climbing was one thing; coming back down would be harder. No harness. No rope.  Just. Let. Go.

The Psicobloc (aka deep water soloing) wall at Utah’s Olympic Legacy Park gives climbers a chance to challenge their bodies and fears through August 24th.  Built by Waltopia, the Psicobloc wall towers 50 feet over a pool, overhanging roughly 25 feet. Set up with multiple routes, climbing it can be as easy or difficult as you like. The tough part is letting go and plunging into the pool. While your head may know it’s safe, it’s still tricky keeping fear in its place.

Not surprisingly, some of the bravest climbers are the youngest. I watched one boy, Eric, climb the wall like a pro, and then plummet into the water from higher up than most adults. Only briefly did apprehension shadow his face.

As for me, I don’t like heights. I found the climbing easy and could have kept going, but the idea of dropping from any higher held me back. Yes, I could have down climbed (and I did some), but I wanted to challenge my fear in a way that felt satisfying. I ended up letting go from roughly 15-feet up. (Hint...letting go is the hard part, the fall and plunge isn't bad at all!)

Climbers come off the wall in many ways. Triumphantly after toping out on the route, with courage after missing a tough move, apprehensively after climbing to the limit of their comfort zone, or like a kung fu ninja.

How would you let go? Head up to the wall and find out. It’s only open for a short time. If you would like a full day of adrenaline, try out the many other Utah Olympic Park activities such as ski jumping or the zip-line.

Here’s the beta on public climbing and the Psicobloc Masters Series:


Psicobloc Public Climbing

Routes currently available include: 5.8, 5.10, 5.11, 5.12 and 5.13

Open daily July 18 to August 24
11 AM to 6 PM

Adults $20

Kids (Age 7-12) $15


Must be 7 years or older

Climbing wall will close at 2pm on July 29

Climbing wall will be closed August 4 to 8 for competition route-setting and maintenance
No climbing during pool shows

MUST be able to swim!

Bring – Swimsuit, towel, climbing shoes, sunscreen

Public Climbing Website


Psicobloc Masters Series

Momentum Climbing – Millcreek, UT:
August 6th – Qualifications
Utah Olympic Park – Park City, UT:
August 7th – Seeding
August 8th – Finals

Tickets and Details