Learning to Ski and Ride: Why Multi-Day Lessons Win

By Travel Tips and Deals Feb 17, 2016
Learn faster and even save money. Here's why you should consider multi-day ski instruction.
Learning to Ski and Ride: Why Multi-Day Lessons Win

When I learned to ski at Brighton Resort, I wondered how many lessons it would take for me to have fun on the slopes. They recommended I start with a three lesson series and I’m so glad I did! The first two days I wondered if it was even possible for me to enjoy the sport, but on day three, it all came together and I had such a blast for the rest of my trip! If you’d like to read a first-hand account of a 40-something-year-old gal learning to ski, click HERE.

Now that I’ve been skiing for a few years, I’m ready to level up to more challenging off-trail terrain, basically, steeper and deeper. However, after floundering for a while, I realized that a series of lessons are what I need. Once again, I’m researching ski schools for the best fit and I want to pass this on to you.

Lessons can ease anxiety and speed your learning curve, a good thing when you have a limited number of days to play! And trust me, you can learn to ski and have a blast during a ski holiday. I sure did. If you’ve never skied before, I suggest allowing three days for lessons (skiing on your own after each day if you have some energy left), plus a few more days of playing on your own.

Benefits of multi-day lessons:

·      More practice and coaching will help you get past frustration points.
·      A faster learning curve when close together. You’ll forget less and skills are reinforced.
·      Often schools offer discounts on multi-day packages.
·      If you’re a new skier, there’s only so much you can absorb in a day.

Utah Multi-Day Skiing and Riding Lessons

Alta Ski Area

Offers a bunch of multi-day clinics for kids, adults, women, and teens who what to up their game. They also offer a standard selection of beginner programs. Intermediate to expert skiers should check out the Alta Performance Ski Camp designed to tune and refine all mountain skills. Here are the critical details from their site plus a link to all of the beta: 

Alta Performance Ski Camps (APSC) serve the needs of both the aspiring and thriving expert skier. Our three-day camp, packaged with lodging and condition specific demo skis creates the ideal environment to improve your performance. We focus on the development of all-mountain ski tactics and techniques.

The camp's progressive approach to coaching utilizes off the hill time as well. We  inform you about the fundamentals of expert skiing and its sport specific demands so that you have the tools you need to take your skiing to the next level of performance.

Coaching is in a 2:8 group ratio. We  emphasize all-mountain ski tactics and techniques. Also included is alignment and functional physical evaluation by a biomechanics expert, video analysis of your skiing, plus two indoor evening presentations designed to compliment what we practice on the snow each day. By the end of the camp you will not only be skiing with greater efficiency and confidence, you will know more about skiing and how to prepare for it.


February 21-25, 2016     Alta Lodge

April 2-6, 2016                 Alta Lodge


Beaver Mountain Resort

The Beav Learn to Turn Series is perfect for a new skier or rider. Here is some beta from their site:

The Learn-To-Turn 1-2-3 program is a progression of three (3) lessons enabling the participant to progress his or her skills throughout the season at their own pace of learning. This package includes 3 lessons starting you at the very beginning and includes rentals and lift passes to get you through those lessons.  Upon completion of all 3 lessons, the participant is awarded a Little Beaver Season Pass, good for the remainder of the current season.  
When: Daily at 10am
Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and all Holidays lessons are also taught at 1pm
Lesson Duration: 2 hours
If there are only one or two students, the lesson will be one hour.
Cost: $150. Includes 3 group lessons, rentals, and all-day lift passes for the Little Beaver lift.  
Minimum age:  Because this is a group lesson, minimum age for skiing participants is 7. Minimum age for snowboarding participants is 9.  No maximum age!


Brian Head Resort

Brian Head University – “Learn In 3 Or It’s Free”  Three beginning lessons with a guarantee that you’ll be skiing or riding by the end or your money with be refunded. Tuition runs $199 and includes 3: lessons, lift tickets, rentals, plus a pass for the remainder of the 2015-2016 season. A great deal! The program is not available during holidays. Visit their site for more details.


Brighton Resort

Brighton’s Snow Sports school offers a supportive environment for all ages. Of course I’m partial because this is where I learned to ski and all the instructors were awesome! The 3-Day Learn to Slide Package is idea for beginners, plus they offer a collection of multi-day workshops and specialty programs for more experienced skiers.


Cherry Peak

I love the idea of a five lesson package, especially for locals who may want to learn, ski for a month or so, then return to build their skills. To top it off, a season pass is thrown in. Sweet! They also have a 4-pack of lessons on consecutive weeks.

Here’s more beta:

Earn a FREE Season Pass! First-Timer Five (5) Lesson Super Pack $299. Includes 5 Half-Day Group Lessons, Equipment Rental & 5 Full-Day Lift Tickets. Upon completion of all five lessons, you will receive a Cherry Peak Season Pass good for the remainder of the season.


Deer Valley

The multi-day options at Deer Valley cater to current skiers. They include specialty clinics for all ages, including men and women specific workshops. They also have standard beginner lessons by the day.


Park City Mountain Resort

Park City offers a Women’s Ski Camp at the end of February, so if you’re interested, don’t delay! There is a snowboard version the same week as well.


Snowbasin Resort

Snowbasin offers one, two, or three day packages for new skiers. Visit their site for all of the information. Additionally they have the Snow Diva program, which sounds cool!

Here are more details:

Snow Divas

Instruction by Women for Women. Snow Divas workshops provide customized coaching for women of all abilities in a relaxed atmosphere. The program is designed to build skills as well as confidence to ensure a great experience skiing/snowboarding any run on the mountain. Minimum three people required per skill level. 20 hours of great coaching, all for only $399. Includes a season ending luncheon (Price does not include lift pass, daily lunch or rentals.)


Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort

Snowbird offers camp and workshop options for all ages; including women’s workshops and multi-week instruction for teens. Most are only available on specific dates so make sure to check their site for details.


Solitude Mountain Resort

New skiers have plenty of options at Solitude. The Easy Street 1, 2, 3 adult package includes three beginner sessions including lift tickets.

Additionally, they have the 3- and 5-day Explorers (children ages 6 to 13 years for skiing and ages 8 to 13 years for snowboarding) lesson packages, which include both lunch and lift ticket.


Sundance Mountain Resort

Sundance offers skiers flexibility with a package of four (half-day) group lessons, transferrable among family members. I love it! Lift tickets not included, but you can receive a $15 discount if purchased in the snowsports office.

While not all resorts offered multi-day lessons, all of them have active ski schools where you can learn to slide or ride with professional instructors. Also, keep in mind that most will help you create a plan to build your skills up as quickly as possible.

Private lessons are another option offering maximum attention and flexibility, of course they are a larger investment. I’ve tried both, and found the efficiency of a private lesson accomplishes more in less time. It’s all about what fits your needs and budget.

Resorts, do you have a multi-day program that I missed? Let me know! Simply email Ski Utah or leave a comment below and I’ll add you in a jiffy!