"All about Snowboarding" - book written by an 8 yr old

"All about Snowboarding" - book written by an 8 yr old

Mountain Mama

By Mountain Mama \ April 24 2015

First off, the forecast verified and the "massive" storm rolled in with record snow for April 15th. We raced out and got our last powder day of skiing/boarding in and have to say it was a great day! Snowboard Muse wrote about his powder day and the parking lots were packed as everyone raced up the mountain. Here we are a week later, Snowbird is still open and Alta and Brian Head are open for one more weekend April 24-26.

With that said, we look back on our season with a smile. It started with advice from Emily and Brennan and ended with a book Brennan wrote all about snowboarding. Enjoy:


First, meet the author:

                                                                                                            About Brennan the author


Then we need to find out what is in the book:


Table of contents

  Chapter 1: "How to Snowboard"

Chapter: How to snowboard



Different boots and sizes of snowboards


Snowboard boots and sizes of snowboards


How long are snowboards?


Sizes of snowboards


So how do you get "air"?


How to get air


What happens if you get injured:


What happens if you get hurt


Different types of jumps:


Different types of jumps


and that's how you do it!

 You're all set


Snowboard diagram:


Equipment on a snowboard





I hope you enjoyed the book....see you next year!!! Here's some video footage of Brennan laying down fast groomer turns: 


and a run through the park: 

This is a mellon:

Doing a mellon