Everything You Should Know About Ski Lessons

By Adventure Mom Dec 17, 2018
Here is a comprehensive overview of everything you should know about ski and snowboard lessons.
Everything You Should Know About Ski Lessons

Learning to ski is a lifelong activity that can be shared with friends and family. So, it is definitely something you or your child could take up and we hope you'll really love it. If you or your kids want to slide down the slopes like a pro, here’s everything you need to know about ski lessons:

What You Should Know Before You Go

One thing you should know before you go to your first lesson is that not everyone will be the same age. In fact, you will see people taking lessons from 2 to 60. So, don’t feel like you or your kid are too young or too old to take skiing lessons.

Now, before you get to your first lesson, you are going to want to be prepared. So, here are some staple items you will want to have at your first ski lesson:

  • Ski goggles

  • Skis and boots (you can usually rent these with your lesson)

  • Helmet

  • Snow pants and jacket

  • Gloves

  • Extra clothes to change into

If you don’t have ski gear, you can rent it at the slopes you choose to go to. In fact, it is better to rent a pair of ski boots that are up to par than to borrow a friends old pair. Check out our latest posts on How to Dress Your Kids for Skiing for more tips. 

For a full ski rental and retail options filtered by where you are going, visit our list of ski shops.

How to Determine Which Lesson to Put Your Kid In:

When looking for a ski school to put your kid in, you will want to ask some questions. This will help you determine which lesson is best for your child. Here’s what you want to know:

  1. What is taught to the kids about safety? Your child’s safety and the safety of other children should be stressed during the lesson.

  2. What do they do to keep kids safe during the lesson? Safety is top priority. As in instructors, if lifts are slowed, if they offer brightly colored bibs, or tracking devices to ensure your kid will be safe.

  3. Will there be breaks? Keeping hydrated, warm, fed, and sunscreen on children is something that should be important. So, ask if the instructors make this a priority.

  4. What will be taught during lessons? This is important because you want to know what your child will be learning and that it is following safety first then skiing guidelines.

  5. Can I leave my child? Some resorts offer lessons as part of their childcare program where others require parents to stay during lessons.

You should also keep in mind the age of the child, their mental and physical abilities. A three-year-old will not be able to do steeper terrain lessons in a week. You should also keep in mind your child’s attitude towards skiing. If after a week of lessons, your child still loves putting on skis, then the lessons have been a success. However, if you find your child crying, getting upset, or not wanting to ski after lessons, it may be time to take a break and play in the snow. If you think you might be able to teach your child yourself, we found 10 reasons you shouldn't.

If you're looking for snowboard specific lessons, we've compiled a comprehensive list of the best snowboard schools in Utah. 


Finding the Best Ski Lesson Deals

The other question parents usually have about ski lessons is, how much is this going to cost? Keep in mind, you will get what you pay for. There are expensive ski lessons, but you can also find some great deals at Ski Utah on skiing during the season. Check out some of the deals below:

  • Get in the learn to ski program with Alta Ski Area for $60 per day (2 hour lesson). You get 4 days of ski lessons on any day of your choosing.

  • Get first timers a day pass, a lesson, and a complete rental package for $45 at Beaver Mountain.

  • For $49, you can get a ski and snowboard package with Brighton Resort.

  • Get a 2.5-hour lesson at Snowbird for only $50.

  • Try a lesson during January's Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month where lessons, lift tickets and rentals start at $49.


What to Expect at Your First Lesson

Most lessons are just to get you started. The first lesson will be geared more towards safety. You will learn how to keep yourself and others safe. They help you or your child learn to put on equipment, walk on skis, glide, and be able to stop.

After the first lesson, you or your child will learn to ride the chairlift, to turn, and how to be comfortable on green runs. After the 5th lesson, you or your child may begin exploring steeper terrain.

Keep in mind that mental and physical development play a huge part in the types of lessons a child can participate in.

If you still need more information, there are lots of great resources from lessons to dressing your kid and more here. If you are ready to start your ski adventure, Compare ski resorts or Plan your Trip here! Share your adventures in the comments below!