Top Runs at The Canyons

By Kendall Feb 14, 2008
The top runs at the Canyons ski resort can be a heated debate. See the top 10 runs according to Deseret News and discover local favorites.
Top Runs at The Canyons

I remember one year I made it my goal to ski every run that The Canyons has. It was pretty cool actually to tick off runs that I wouldn't normally have skied. Well this mroning the Deseret News posted an article written by Tim Hussin that lists the top 10 runs at The Canyons.

Conditions vary so often at every resort that it's hard to say what is my favorite at The Canyons. They named Boa, off the Condor Lift, as the #1 run at The Canyons. I've got to disagree. Best conditions, powder day with a base like we've got this year and it's untracked (I know, a lot of variables in there) my favorite run at The Canyons has to be Badlands. It didn't even make their top 10.

It starts out from the ridge and heads fall line. As it kicks up in pitch it starts to dogleg right. The double fall line turns on this section can be face shots with 8-10" reported overnight. The bottom section before you come out at the Condor lift is steep and fun. If Badlands is tracked out, head right at the top into the aspens for one of the best kept secrets at The Canyons. Oh my, just thinking about that little slice of paradise makes me happy.

While I've got my favorites at The Canyons a few of my favorite runs aren't really least according to the trail map. Here's another one of them that was opened this year for hiking only.

thecanyons_peak9350 (thecanyons_peak9350)

"Back in the day" before the 9990 lift was in we used to hike Peak 9350 for access to 9990 or to just enjoy the cold dry powder on the north facing slope that leads to Red Pine Road.  If you get off of Tombstone and you see this little stash open for hiking, forget wherever you were heading and don't miss the untracked goodness this peak can hide.

While you don't need to reveal any of your favorite canyons stashs but I'd be interested to see what your favorite run is at The Canyons.  Comment below (click the comment button)