A Perfect Paring: Utah’s Adventure + Beverage Checklist

By Local Lexi Aug 14, 2023
For those of us who are motivated by the reward of a cool beer or cocktail, here is your ideal list of Utah adventures paired with a premium adult beverage.
A Perfect Paring: Utah’s Adventure + Beverage Checklist

I loathe to exercise and if you're at all like me, you need the tantalizing vision of a cold beer to get yourself up and out the door. It's purely a summer phenomenon as I patiently wait for the return of winter and my true passion: skiing. So if you're like me or you simply love to pair a nice adult bev with a little recreation, we've got a veritable menu of activity and drink pairings to squeeze the most out of summer and Utah's vibrant adult beverage scene. 


A classic Utah waterfall hike, replete with beautiful wildflowers, majestic views, and a roaring cascade can be enjoyed near Sundance Mountain Resort on the Stewart Falls trail. The dramatic falls drop over 200 feet in two tiers and can be reached via a moderate hike of about 3.5 miles.

To celebrate your feat on foot and reminisce on the cool and misty vibes, we suggest sidling up to Sundance’s quintessential Owl Bar. There, a mixologist can whip up a craft cocktail on the authentic bar from the days of the Wild West. The Owl Bar refreshments and atmosphere provide a perfect complement to winding down a day of waterfall chasing. 


When one heads south to mountain bike our scintillating slickrock or hike the desert scenery, one must carefully approach hydration. A balance must be struck between refreshment and thirst quenchment. Enter the Wasatch Brewing Salt Lime Cerveza. This crisp and tasty lager with a hint of lime promises recovery from a hot ride or a sweaty hike amongst the red rocks. Don't forget to drink water too! 


For sweet relief from the hot summer temps, many of you head for our beautiful lakes and reservoirs. No boat trip is complete without a cooler stuffed full of adult beverages. May we suggest the hard seltzer variety pack from Ogden’s Roosters Brewing Co. Crush a Mojito seltzer after tubing, mangle a Mango Blood Orange after shredding the wake, and slowly sip a Watermelon Lime in the sunshine.


Many a lovely summer eve can be spent grooving to the tunes of an outdoor concert. If it’s a BYOB situation like Red Butte’s eponymous lawn concerts, then you’ll want to pack the Squatters Brewing Juicy IPA. This smooth IPA packs delicious hazy vibes with a bright citrus finish and a hint of stone fruit. It’s perfect for a balmy night under the stars.


Match the emerald gleaming glory of the golf course with a fancy green drink incorporating Alpine Persistence Vodka from Park City’s Alpine Distilling. This drink utilizes an arugula and sweet pea simple syrup balanced with lemon so you’ll feel vigorous before (or after) the game. Swing by Alpine Distilling on Park City’s historic Main Street or attempt the expert-level recipe by Adam Ross (@twistedfern) from Alpine Distilling below.

Screen Shot 2023-07-26 at 121033 PMpng


1.5oz Alpine Persistence Vodka
.25oz Mountain Town Olive Co. Velagosht Extra Virgin Olive Oil
One Egg White
.5oz Arugula & Pea Simple Syrup
.5oz Lemon Juice
.25oz Housemade Orgeat

Add egg white and olive oil in shaker – shake vigorously. Add ice, vodka, arugula and pea simple syrup, lemon juice and orgeat – shake vigorously. Strain over large ice cube into rocks glass and garnish.

Rocks Glass

Bruleed Lemon Wheel & Arugula Leaf

The beauty of owning a pooch is the responsibility of logging a daily walk (or two). While we don’t recommend the Squatters Chasing Tail Golden Ale for a morning romp, it’s perfect for an afternoon or sunset stroll. This English-style summer ale has been a long-time favorite for Utah residents. It has a “wet nose” with a delicate bitterness that satisfies any two-legged beer fan.


It takes just a couple of laps to work up an appetite or a blistering thirst in the bike park. You’re logging so much vert and spending so much energy that you can quickly succumb to hunger and thirst. Luckily, at the Deer Valley Bike Park, there are a host of amazing dining and drinking options in the neighborhood.

For those not looking to guzzle alcohol mid-ride, may we suggest the Deer Valley Creamery Milkshakes at the Royal Street Cafe. Indulge in something a little over the top like the Birthday Unicorn which incorporates French vanilla ice cream, confetti cake, and whipped cream into a decadent treat to beat the heat.

If you’re all done biking for the day, you can also hit the Mountainside Cocktails list. Savor a lavender and lemon gin and tonic, a blueberry mojito, or the famous Deer Valley Bloody Mary right at the Royal Street Cafe


As the "Official Beer of Ski Utah", Last One Down by Wasatch Brewing is actually meant to be enjoyed with friends in virtually any outdoor pursuit. This American Lager is lightly sweet with a hint of spice and a clean crushable finish. The tall can makes it a fine candidate for watersports or paddleboarding since it means less fussing around and fewer recycling waste. Pop them in your soft cooler and strap them aboard before you head to one of Utah's many primo paddleboard spots

Park City, Utah has miles upon miles of hiking and biking trails, wildflowers, and scenic vistas. You could spend a week in the neighborhood and never hike the same trail twice. After too much fun in the sun you’ll want to head to the High West where satisfying summer cocktails abound.

Screen Shot 2023-07-26 at 121533 PMpng

If you’re feeling the Old Town vibes and want to revel in the local atmosphere, you can’t do much better than a High West Distillery and Saloon's Old Fashioned.⁠ Their whiskey is lovingly and locally handcrafted and paired to perfection with citrus, bitters, and a hint of sugar.


Eight Settlers Distillery at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon offers specialty-priced cocktails every Thursday evening to celebrate the oncoming weekend. It's easy and convenient to stop by Eight Settlers after biking at Solitude or gazing at Alta's wildflowers. On Friday’s eve, we recommend snagging a spot in the upstairs dining area to revel in the excellent sunset views. Order some food or apps and indulge in a new Thirsty Thursday tradition with the spirits of Eight Settlers Distillery. Make it a date night and schedule a tour or a tasting after your outdoor adventure in the Cottonwood Canyons. 



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