Ski Utah Passport | Ski Utah Unveils Big Updates for Youth Ski Pass

By Local Lexi Sep 13, 2022
With the best and most affordable ski pass for kids, Ski Utah's Passport drops new benefits and amazing deals for kids and families! Enjoy 45 ski days for $69.
Ski Utah Passport | Ski Utah Unveils Big Updates for Youth Ski Pass

Having participated in Ski Utah's Passport program for 5th and 6th graders many—too many—years ago, I can confidently endorse the value of this program and its ability to instill a lifelong love of snow sports in the twinkling eye of an eager kid.


The Ski Utah Passport costs just $69. Yes, you read that correctly, that’s 45 days of skiing or snowboarding for just over $1 per day for any 4th, 5th or 6th grade student. They're on sale now and you can grab one here


In its 24th year, the Ski Utah Passport program returns with expanded offers and benefits to get kids skiing in Utah! For the previous 23 years, Ski Utah offered the affordable Passport program to 5th and 6th graders keen to explore mountain resorts across the state. New for 2022–23, Ski Utah expands the program to 4th graders and extends the pass benefits to three days at each of Utah’s 15 ski areas. The best part…

There’s never been a better time for kids to ski Utah!

The Ski Utah Passport ski pass is valid for any 4th, 5th, or 6th grade child. Passholders do not have to be residents of Utah, so it’s also an amazing option for families looking to vacation in Utah! 


In what is arguably the best deal in skiing or snowboarding for kids, the updates to the Ski Utah Passport children's ski pass grant 4th-6th graders access to all 15 ski areas in Utah with reduced blackout dates, the ability to earn Camp Yeti badges and additional offers. Click here for pass details

Parents can pick up the companion Yeti Pass for just $719. The Yeti Pass is good for one day of skiing at each of Utah’s 15 resorts, taking the price of a lift ticket to less than $50 per day.



By extending the program to 4th graders, Ski Utah hopes to support younger skiers and riders interested in honing their skills and creating a solid pipeline for progression through the 6th grade. Consistent exposure to snow sports at this age is ideal for creating a lifelong passion for winter recreation. The skiing opportunities Ski Utah created for me as a child in the Salt Lake City school district absolutely contributed to my choice to work in the ski industry and support the dreams and passions of youngsters in Freeride skiing and snowboarding.

To date, Ski Utah has welcomed more than 150,000 grade-school kids to the slopes with the Passport program
. It motivates families to step beyond the resorts in their backyard and explore all that Utah has to offer. Don’t miss our in-depth family guides to each ski area. These essential guides offer helpful tips around parking, lessons, food, and fun diversions to make your trip to a new resort seamless and smooth.

The Ski Utah Passport provides unparalleled skiing or shredding opportunities and a whole lot of motivation to explore Utah. Don't take it from us, here are some glowing testimonials from Passport families. 



Jeff Burnett with Shay and Noah
Thanks to Ski Utah's 5th Grade Passport and Yeti Pass programs, the 2021-2022 season was one of the best riding seasons of our lives! Having invested in two Yeti passes, my still-learning wife and I felt challenged and motivated to get our money's worth, to get beyond the Cottonwood Canyons and out to every snowboard-friendly resort in the state with our 5th grader. We loved exploring all the new slopes and getting to know our home state better, from Beaver Mtn to Brian Head and each resort in between. And all at a great price that continued to go down the more we went up! Thanks Ski Utah for a truly memorable season!

Richard Gabriel with Ryilee and Natilee
Imagine five granddaughters talking about the upcoming ski trip to Utah since September. Once we mentioned going to Utah for a ski trip, that's all we heard about. What they were going to wear, what they were going to bring in the van, what resort they wanted to ski at—all topics of discussion for 6 months. The passport program has allowed our family to cut costs to ski additional days in Utah and to enjoy the mountain experience for us "Midwesterners". 


Lisa Grimm with Jayma 
I grew up in Utah but I had never really skied. When my oldest daughter was in 5th grade, 6 years ago we decided to get her the pass. She did some lessons and we went skiing a lot over those next two years. Since then I have gotten the pass for two other children and it has made us a skiing family. I’m grateful for the pass for motivating me to get my family in the mountains and to learn to ski!!


Karen Harris with Ryan 
I decided to get a Yeti Pass so that I could explore the mountains with my son. My favorite part was when he’d be coming down the mountain and stop me to look at the amazing scenery of snow-capped mountains and trees. He’d always ask me to take a picture so he could look at it later. When your child can personally get into nature and experience those sights, sounds and smells it’s worth all the time and expense. Thank you for making this possible for my family! 



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