Backcountry Skiing on the Park City Ridgeline

Backcountry Skiing on the Park City Ridgeline

Powderhound Matt

By Powderhound Matt \ December 13 2016

As our most recent storm was knocking on our door, we happened to be celebrating Adam, A.K.A. Apres Adam, A.K.A. Bagel Boy's 34th birthday. How did we celebrate? Go figure, we went out and made some spectacular pow turns in our own backyard. As you check out the video keep in mind that the storm skiing that was filmed all occurred under low avalanche conditions. The video that was taken under bluebird skies was shot on Monday during moderate avalanche conditions. We decided to ski low angle terrain on south east facing slopes until the new snow had a chance to settle out. 

Our most recent storm added a lot of water weight to our snowpack. The Utah Avalanche Forecast Center has estimated the totals as follows:

Little Cottonwood: 20"/2.5" SWE
Big Cottonwood: 20-30"/2.2-4.0" SWE
Park City Ridgeline: 14-20"/1.6-2.0" SWE

Ogden mountains: 36"/4.5" SWE
Provo mountains: 16"/1.7" SWE

It is going to take some time for our snowpack to settle out, so be sure to check the Utah Avalanche Forecast Center EVERY SINGLE MORNING. It is the first thing I read everyday and you should too. 
Enjoy the video!