Parking Lot Parties: Your Checklist

By Pam's Plate Apr 14, 2017
Before we bid a tearful adieu to the 2016–17 ski season, send this puppy off in style and gear up for one of Utah’s most treasure traditions: the parking lot party.
Parking Lot Parties: Your Checklist

Parking lot parties are akin to tailgate parties, but instead of going into a stadium to watch some football, you can run laps in spring corn and return to your vehicle pod squad whenever you have a need to fuel up or relax.

To truly rock the parking lot party and enjoy the day, here’s what you need.

1. A Chair. 

Not all partygoers have vehicles with tailgates and if they do, you want to keep it free of debris and butts to make room for the shotski (see #2). Pack up your favorite camping chair so you can relax and soak in the sun.

This is the perfect chair, by ALPS:

This is not a great chair, OR IS IT?!?

2. A Shotski. 

Nothing brings a group together than toasting the season while hoisting a shotski. Utahns are so good at it, we recently broke a world record for longest shotski. If you don’t have one, here’s how to make one.

3. Booze for your shotski. 

I recommend Porter’s Fire, a local cinnamon whiskey liqueur by Ogden’s Own Distillery. It’s like sipping on a vanilla cinnamon bun and who doesn’t like that? And of course this goes without saying, but make sure there is a designated driver in the mix. 

4. Food. 

Keep it simple. We bring a small grill to throw on some brats or marinated chicken thighs…but you’d do just as well to hit a deli and gather some tasty and easy bites. Go for food with some energy AND protein, like turkey sandwiches; charcuterie and cheese plates with a loaf of crusty bread; hummus and pita. Or, call one of these places and pre-order!

Caputo’s Markets

Vessel Kitchen

Deer Valley Grocery~Café

Windy Ridge Cafe

Z Daddy’s Variety Bistro


Safety first people. Hydrate and lube up. Don't look like this guy:

6. A Costume. 

Because besides Halloween, when else can you dress like a lunatic to everyone’s delight and approval?

7. A Camera. 

This one is easy because our phones are glued to our hands. Take pics of your crew and use this #skiutahlastdays to share the mayhem.


See you next year!