Freshies at Alta

By Tim Roberts Jan 31, 2007

New snow! Last night we got a few inches of new snow making the conditions quite a bit better than the last couple of days. With new snow and a blue bird sky it was a good decision to cruise over to Alta. On the first run Aaron finally laid the stomp down off this rock that he hucked nine times throughout the week before. After stomping the landing he proceeded to rip it wide open through some Pow bumps. That was the best I have seen him ski so far. He said, “After I stomped it I thought, 'don’t celebrate until I get to the bottom. I need to rip the rest of this, then I can yell and scream.'" After that we cruised over to Catharine’s area to ski a wide-open gully without any bumps. We ripped a couple of fast laps down the gully. The new snow really allowed us to open it up. Then we skied a few bumps and chutes off Supreme before heading back over to the Sugarloaf lift. From the lift we saw that Backside only had a few tracks on it. We traversed around and found a couple of untouched lines. As long as we were light on our edges we could stay on top without hitting bottom. Then we headed over to Collins to ski Green Mat and Thirds. There we found chopped up Pow with a few freshies mixed in. With our legs burning we took one more lap down ballroom and called it a day. New snow plus more in the forecast means the skiing should be pretty sweet this weekend.