David Perkins: Utah’s High West Whiskey Pioneer

David Perkins: Utah’s High West Whiskey Pioneer

Tom Kelly

By Tom Kelly \ January 7 2020

Episode 5 - January 7, 2020

Skiing is more than carving lines down a mountain. It’s a lifestyle, with hospitality and camaraderie a part of the cultural experience we love at resorts. Sipping fine whiskey has proven to be a good blend for skiers and snowboarders.

Enter David Perkins, a lifelong skier and former biochemist whose tourist visit to a Kentucky distillery led to a new chapter in ski town history. Perkins opened High West inside an old Park City garage in 2006, ushering in a new era of hospitality. A true Utah pioneering story, High West became the first true ski town distillery.

In this episode of Last Chair, the Ski Utah Podcast, David Perkins shares the story of how he and wife Jane conceived High West one day in Kentucky and then brought a distillery to Utah. Naturally, the whiskey aficionado will sample several unique High West with host Tom Kelly, offering insights into the unique blends. Check it out.

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David Perkins  Tom Kelly tasting Highwest whiskey