3 Simple Ski Season Exercises

By Yeti Nov 8, 2017
University of Utah Health shows you three simplest ski exercises for the beginner, intermediate and expert skiers and riders that will keep those legs
3 Simple Ski Season Exercises

Ski season is quickly approaching, are you ready? Most likely, you have your gear tuned up and your season pass or ski trip planned but sometimes, just sometimes, the body isn't quite ready. University of Utah Health demonstrates three simple ski exercises for beginner green circle skiers, intermediate blue square skiers and expert black diamond skiers/riders that will keep those legs primed for the snow. 

Whether you plan on clicking into your skis next month or won't be on the snow until January, you can get your heart rate going now and strengthen those legs with these three simple exercises. The good news is that you can do these simple exercises at home in a 10-15 minute window of time. 

Green circle skier: (check the :20 second mark in the video!)

Steps: 30-second intervals on/off over 5-10 min 4-5 days a week

Up and down steps helps builds lower body strength: specifically quads, hamstrings and buttocks, while also increasing your heart rate as you pick up the tempo.  Having a strong heart, and lower body muscles will help you glide effortlessly down the slopes with less fatigue.

Blue Square Skier: (check the :37 second mark in the video!)

Accordion box shuffle : 30-second intervals on/off over 5-10 min 4-5 days a week

Jumping laterally across a step will develop lower body strength especially lateral hip strength and power. This exercise (explosion and absorption) replicates and fires up the same muscle group used when making quick turns in the snow. 

Black Diamond Skier(check the 1:00 minute mark in the video!)

Lateral box jumps: 30-second intervals on/off over 5-10 min 4-5 days a week

This exercise mimics more aggressive skiing, maneuvering through tight turns and moguls. Jumping on top of, and over a box laterally, will help not only with the basics of cardio and dynamic trunk and leg strength, but it works on speed, power and the agility your body requires when hammering through whatever the mountain puts in front of you.

Other Resources

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• New last season, there's an Orthopaedic Injury Clinic that offers same-day, walk-in appointments with convenient after hours for any skier or snowboarder. This first of its kind facility with the University of Utah Healthcare offering the following walk-in hours: 

Monday–Thursday: 4pm–8pm
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