Top 5 Pocket Snacks for Skiing

By Yeti Dec 28, 2021
Pocket snacks are the perfect fuel supply that will fit in your jacket and keep you going for a long day of skiing. Check out our top five picks!
Top 5 Pocket Snacks for Skiing

words by Al Kenworthy

Pocket snacks. For the days when the powder is too good to stop for lunch. For the ski bums who can’t spare the cash for a meal at the lodge. For the days when it’s just you, your skis, the backcountry and there is no other option. No matter the motivator, pocket snacks provide the fuel you need to ski all day. So here are my top five pocket snacks for a day of skiing.

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a snack that we’ve all had a connection to since our pre-school days. One that everyone seems to have their own take on. Crust vs. no crust, jelly vs. jam, smooth vs. crunchy. This sando is a snack that fits perfectly in your pocket, can withstand a yard sale crash and doesn’t take more than a few minutes to make before you head out the door.


As a self-proclaimed pizza snob, this one might be my favorite. Few things are better than the moment you unravel some tin foil to discover a beautiful slice of za. Cheese, sauce, and some pineapple and ham. What else do you need? Yes, I’m one of those.


Hoping to jump the lift line to catch up with your friends? Have no fear because pocket bacon is here. On top of being a tasty snack, bacon is great for sharing with your friends and the weekend warriors you just snaked.


This pocket snack might not score so well on the durability test but what it lacks in structure, it makes up for in taste. Drizzle on some Vermont maple syrup and you’ve got yourself a winner. Just know that you might be dealing with some sticky hands for the rest of the day.


Breakfast Burrito
This has been my personal go-to for the past few seasons on the days you leave your house bright and early to grab first chair. The key here is to make your burrito the day before and put it in the fridge overnight. Right when your alarm goes off, turn on the oven and pop in your burrito while you piece together your gear for the day. Pro tip: make sure to wrap your burrito in some tin foil to keep it warmer throughout the day.


Honorary Mention: Tater Tots
Now call me crazy, but I think Napoleon was really onto something in that movie. Tater tots! Salty, crispy carbs that will fill you up and hold you over for the rest of the day.