Girls Getaway in Ogden

By Yeti Nov 20, 2018
Gather your gal pals, pack your champagne and queue up some Whitney Houston - it’s time to take on the last frontier: Ogden, UT for a girls getaway!
Girls Getaway in Ogden

Whether you are celebrating something special or just need some quality lady-time, a girl’s weekend in the mountains is surely in order. You’ve got your squad on board and now all you need is the perfect destination. While the Wasatch offers plentiful options, may we suggest stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something fresh and new? Gather your gal pals, pack your champagne and queue up some Whitney Houston - it’s time to take on the last frontier: Ogden, UT.

Before we talk about what you can do here, let's talk about what you can't. Which is absolutely nothing. Besides being nestled amongst two world-class ski areas, you and your friends can enjoy Ogden’s vibrant après ski scene, down-to-earth nightlife and eccentric, Wild West culture. Take our word for it - this is the perfect destination for a girls weekend getaway.


The Shred.

Now let’s talk about what’s really important - the lady-shred.  If you’re anything like me, you live for the days you get to mob down the slopes with your like-minded ladies. You’re in luck in good ol’ Ogden Valley. The hidden jewels to the North, Powder Mountain and Snowbasin Resort, tend to fly under the radar. It often pays off to venture on the path less-traveled and you, my friend, have just scored untracked freshies, a lack of lift lines and some happy lady friends. Pack your powder sticks and cross your fingers for a big storm!


Powder Mountain, aka Pow Mow, is a sleeping giant located just 19 miles from Ogden. Pow Mow boasts the most skiable acreage in the US and with an average of over 500” of fresh snow a season, this renegade resort stays true to its name! Be adventurous and take your trip to the next level by venturing into Powder Country. Access acres of off-piste powder accessed from the Sundown, Timberline and Hidden Lake lifts. After you crash all the stashes you will end up on the access road where shuttles will carry to back to the resort. Keep the stoke alive and take a snowcat ride up to Lightning Ridge. Enjoy the big mountain chutes and powder fields that stay fresh for days after storms hit!

With another day, comes another highly rated ski resort to discover! With over 3,000 feet of vertical, Snowbasin Resort is known for being steep and deep. Enjoy their wide range of upper bowls, expansive groomers, Olympic downhill courses, spicy tree runs and grandeur vistas! The ‘Basin has a laid-back, grass-roots vibe but you will soon realize it exudes a subtle taste of luxury with their lavish lodges and world-class cuisine. Now let’s be honest - you gals are more of the dive bar type but that doesn’t mean you lack an affinity for the finer things in life, right? Soak it up - treat your badass babes to some martinis and charcuterie. After all, they deserve it after a day of trying to keep up with you!

Snowbasin Resort 2jpg


Take on the Town.

A girl’s getaway wouldn’t be complete without a rowdy night out on the town. You had an all-time day out on the slopes followed by a little après-action, why stop the party now? Get a little taste of the Wild, Wild West on Ogden’s historic 25th street. This present-day ski haven was once a rough-and-tumble railroad town that was, reportedly, too hardcore for even Al Capone. Even though these olden day brothels and speakeasies have since been turned into bars and restaurants, they have retained that rustic, Western flavor. There are numerous bars rich with character where you can rub elbows with the eccentric locals including our favorite, the Yes Hell. This new watering hole really embraces Ogden’s gritty past and is reminiscent of the heydey in the Wild West. Grab some grub, indulge in a craft cocktail and take over the dance floor when the band starts playing! If you're more into relaxing in your condo after skiing, stop by New World Distillery and pick up some agave spirits to warm your belly after a long day.


Stretch it Out.

After a day of conquering first chair and last call, the team may need a little change of pace. Life’s about balance and we have the perfect spot to satisfy your soul. Start your day with a yoga class at Lotus Yoga and Dance Studio right on 25th Street. A calm, focused yoga session can be a great compliment to your hard-ripping day on the slopes. Improvements in balance, strength, and flexibility on the mat can take your skiing to the next level while, most importantly, preventing injury. Need a little pick-me-up after yoga? You’re in luck - right next door to Lotus is the best coffee shop in town, Grounds for Coffee. There’s nothing like a little caffeine to keep the squad on schedule!

Grounds For Coffee 4jpg

Rest your head.

While there are lodging options at Powder Mountain and some just down the road from Snowbasin, there's something to be said about making the town of Ogden your home base. You're closer to the bars, restaurants and other activities to keep you busy. There are plenty of places to stay in the area ranging from VRBOs and Bed and Breakfasts to a Marriott and the Bigelow, a historic Ogden hotel. Maybe you're into having your own space at the end of the night? Or are you more of a stay up until the wee hours of the morning and cozying up together in a condo? Either way, choose what's best for your group of gals and you're sure to have a great time.    


Keep it Casual.

If you’re a Grandma at the ripe age of 28 like me, you can only muster up enough strength to hit the town one night a weekend. Keep those legs fresh for your last day on the slopes tomorrow and keep it casual tonight. Good thing for you Ogden offers more than just the bar scene to keep you and your friends occupied. Feeling creative? Drop in on a jewelry making or painting class at The Artisan Collective! For a unique film experience head to Cinema 502, a 28-seat movie theater with an old-school vibe showing independent, foreign and documentary flicks. Have some sporty spices in the group who want to stay active? Head out to The Front Climbing Club for some bouldering before dinner. The possibilities are really endless in Ogden, you may even have to extend your stay!

Words By Alison Lofgren
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