How to Edge, Tune, and Wax Skis and Snowboards

How to Edge, Tune, and Wax Skis and Snowboards


By Yeti \ December 10 2015

This one goes out to all the DIY'ers. 

With most Utah ski resorts already open or counting down the days to open, now is the time to dust off the skis and get them ready for the season! Starting off the season with freshly tuned and waxed skis and snowboards is easy to do at home. With a kit consisting of wax, an iron, metal scraper, plastic scraper, file and guide, edge tool, brush and cloth, stone, P-tex, and a lighter, you can prep your skis yourself to be worthy of the greatest snow on earth.

If you prefer to have your equipment taken care of by the pros, check out Cole Sport in Park City and their brand spanking new Montana Crystal Glide machine.  Even if you want to take your gear to a shop, these tips will still be useful for some mid-season touch-ups. Check out the infographic below for tips on doing base repair, prepping the surface, and sharpening your edges. For the full set of instructions, check out Amy Whitley’s article on