September Snow Stealing Autumn's Show

September Snow Stealing Autumn's Show


By Yeti \ September 23 2016

A significant storm event is rolling through Utah right now, painting the high peaks in a coat of white. The beauty of this snowfall colliding against autumn's colorful glow is otherworldly. 

Between the break in the clouds we captured the Yeti along with a sampling of photos from around the state. We'll do our best to keep updating this page throughout this first major storm. If there were ever a time to get that pass for winter, now's the time. Utah season pass options or the 5th/6th Grade Passport are the best places to start. 

Snow and a fantastic sunset at Lake Blanche. Photo: Jay Dash

The Yeti's natural reaction to the first big dump of the year caught on camera. 


Andrew Muse's best bud Kicker.  

Snowbird looking pretty fine. Photo: Matt Crawley 

Our early morning drive into the mountains. . .