September Snow Stealing Autumn's Show


By Yeti \ September 23 2016 \ 0 Comments

A significant storm event is rolling through Utah right now, painting the high peaks in a coat of white. The beauty of this snowfall colliding against autumn's colorful glow is otherworldly. 

Between the break in the clouds we captured the Yeti along with a sampling of photos from around the state. We'll do our best to keep updating this page throughout this first major storm. If there were ever a time to get that pass for winter, now's the time. Utah season pass options or the 5th/6th Grade Passport are the best places to start. 

Snow and a fantastic sunset at Lake Blanche. Photo: Jay Dash

The Yeti's natural reaction to the first big dump of the year caught on camera. 


Andrew Muse's best bud Kicker.  

Snowbird looking pretty fine. Photo: Matt Crawley 

Our early morning drive into the mountains. . . 

fall ---> winter in :18 💙

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In search of The Greatest Snow on Earth®, the Yeti ultimately landed in Utah. The Ski Utah Yeti wanders the state of Utah in search of the deepest and lightest snow on the planet. Follow the Yeti to get the latest info on local pow stashes, crazy events, storm totals, and tips and tricks on the best ways to maximize your Utah experience. The Yeti is also known to throw out the occasional swag.. so be sure to stay tuned. Yeti knows best!