Ski Utah is Climate Neutral Certified

By Yeti Apr 21, 2022
Becoming a Climate Neutral organization is the first step toward Ski Utah's efforts in helping to preserve The Greatest Snow on EarthⓇ.
Ski Utah is Climate Neutral Certified

These days, being a skier or snowboarder also comes with the added incentive to want to help preserve our winter for the future. It is no secret anymore: winter is not the same as it used to be, and a lot of that change is due to the warming of our planet. Warmer planet = less snow. In an effort to protect The Greatest Snow on EarthⓇ, Ski Utah is thrilled to announce that we are officially Climate Neutral Certified for 2021 and are committed to being Climate Neutral Certified for many years to come.

Climate Neutral is a non-profit organization that works with brands and consumers to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. They provide an accessible set of tools to make carbon measurement simple to help enable brands to take action by directly reducing their emissions.

Becoming Climate Neutral Certified is as simple as measure, offset, reduce.

Our first step was to calculate all the greenhouse gas emissions that were created by Ski Utah staff members' commutes, business travel and office utilities. After calculating the entire carbon footprint of the organization, the team at Climate Neutral offered ways for us to offset our footprint. Specifically, Ski Utah has purchased credits in projects that focus on renewables and forests. The last step (which will be a constant, ongoing effort) will be to reduce our emissions as much as we can. This involves identifying areas in the organization where we can reduce our carbon footprint and continue to make those changes every year. We will also continue to advocate for better climate policy in Utah. Ski Utah is proud to report that we have officially offset 313 MT’s of carbon for 2021. Looking forward, Ski Utah is committed to reducing our carbon footprint however we can.

So what can you do?
As a consumer, you can start by supporting other businesses that are certified Climate Neutral. From there, you can learn more about how to do your part and take action toward reducing your own carbon footprint. As a business, Ski Utah encourages you to also take the leap toward becoming Climate Neutral. Offsetting your carbon footprint, whether at home or work, is the first step toward having winters for generations to come. 

We also encourage you to advocate for better climate policy within your communities and state. 

To learn more about Climate Neutral and find out about all the other brands that have been certified, visit their website