The Powderhounds - Powder People Episode 1

The Powderhounds - Powder People Episode 1


By Yeti \ October 30 2017

The Powderhounds have an obsession. It's called skiing. Combined, they skied 250 days last season and they always manage to have more fun than anyone else.

Meet Ski Utah bloggers "Après" Adam Fehr and Matt Baydala. In addition to skiing almost every day and blogging for Ski Utah, they are also business owners in Park City. Come take a ride with these guys and see how they make work, life, and skiing happen in Utah. For anyone who has ever meet Matt or Adam on a chairlift or in the streets of Park City, know that when it comes to skiing, they both have an absolute obsession. And it is this obsession that we love! Thanks for spreading the stoke on skiing in Utah and making us ALL very jealous all the way. 

... snow is my obsession.

"From September to the end of May, snow is my obsession. If snow is in the forecast I cannot sleep because I'm often watching weather models. — Powderhound Matt

Days skied last year: 95
Powder skiing advice: Check the forecast and have a gameplan. Set yourself up for success. 

"You can't après-ski all night if you don't ski in the morning." — Après Adam

Days skied last year: 153! No, this number is not a typo.
Favorite après-ski spot and drink: P-Dog at the Alta Peruvian Lodge. His favorite drink would have to be High West's Dead Man's boots.

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