Wild Women of the Wasatch | ep12 | Mountain Mamas

By Yeti May 13, 2018
This episode of the Wild Women of the Wasatch celebrates mountain mamas who instill the love of outdoor adventure and teach their kiddos to love the outdoors!
Wild Women of the Wasatch | ep12 | Mountain Mamas

words by Amy David

Spring is a time of growth, renewal, and new life as the seasons change. Motherhood is like spring helping children grow and develop. Our mothers instilled and fostered the love of outdoor adventure, they taught us to ski, bike, climb and simply enjoy the fresh air. This episode shares the stories of several mountain mamas of the Wasatch Mountains. 


Meet a few Mountain Mamas of the Wasatch

Shaun Raskin Deutschlander

A courageous, level-headed leader with an undeniable passion for vast, rugged terrain. Shaun not only has a copious amount of mountain knowledge, she also shares a great depth of soulful philosophies about connection of self to mother nature. She’s been a guide for 10 years, teaches avalanche education, and is the owner and lead guide of Inspired Summit Adventures which is an outdoor guiding and wellness company based out of Park City, Utah. Shaun and her husband, Weston, are new parents of their daughter River. Bound to be a young shredder, River was quickly packed into her mother’s backpack for ski touring at only a few weeks old.


“I hope that I can give her a little bit of what the world and my mom have given me. Hopefully, she’ll have that connection to a deeper sense, have a greater respect for not only our current time and space, and protect the natural resources we have today, but also understand on a larger time scale what nature has given us as a species.”


Brighton Peachey

Playful, sweet and easy going are noticeable traits of Brighton that her two-year-old son, Griffin, also embodies. The amount of giggles coming from this family while exploring the trails in a spring rainstorm was contagious. Spending time in nature with her husband and son, Griffin, are her most cherished moments. As an EMT at the University of Utah Hospital and Search and Rescue team member, Brighton combines her climbing skills with medical knowledge.

Brighton and family

“I love motherhood. I’m excited to get to do the baby phase again, watch my older son become a brother, watch them be buddies together. The experiences they’ll have will be worth all the effort you put into making it happen.”


Jennifer Killian

She’s the woman wrangling three wild children in the climbing gym between meetings as an entrepreneur and business owner. Jenn is the co-founder of And She’s Dope Too, a worldwide women’s collective created to connect and planet with perspective and purpose. Her passion is building a non-judgemental space for women of all ages to feel comfortable trying new sports in the outdoors and gaining a connection to nature and like-minded people.


“Mother Nature is a woman, so it’s okay to be feminine in the outdoors and okay to show your strengths. Something that’s important and special to me is having a community of relatable women and letting women see for themselves how beautiful they are, how strong they are, and they don’t have to compete with one another. I want my kids to be able to feel comfortable in their own skin.”

Next up is Bike Bosses showing off women who are in top leadership positions in their careers and slay it on the mountain bikes. Until then, join @SkiUtah and keep up with my personal travels on Instagram @AmyJaneDavid.

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