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By Powderhound Cat Jan 25, 2012
Powderhound Cat attempts to explain her love of the Southern Utah resort
Back to Brian Head

Last night, a girlfriend called. "It SNOWED! SO! MUCH! in Utah while you were out of town!!" She wanted to brag, to tell me I missed out.

"But I know", I corrected her. "I skied Brian Head."

"How many times have you been there? What is it with that place?" she asked.

And I realized, this was my fifth time skiing there in the last two seasons.

She couldn't understand what draws me back to Southern Utah time and time again, with resorts minutes from my front door.

I did my best to explain. I'd like to share my thoughts with y'all too.

*I mentioned here it is the perfect stop on a road trip.

*I mentioned here that that trip can include Vegas- it's the perfect double down.

*Then, we took this trip with Powderhound Matt. Fun times!

But my friend still didn't get it. 

*Well, every time I walk from my car to the chairlift, in less than a minute, I'm grinning. It's so easy.

*Then, at the top of the chairlift, I turn and stare for a bit at the breathtaking view.

*Then the powder awaits. Brian Head is having a great, consistent snow year. This recent storm hit them, too!

*The amenities. The hotels, the stores, the cafes, the tubing hill, everything is there for you to have fun.

*The affordability. I mentioned to my friend, and you should know too. If you have a group putting off a trip this year, don't let them. You can tighten your budget and still head out to Brian Head. It is a great way to not sacrifice your ski vacation - try something new!

*The local vibe. I love the staff, the rental shop, and the new 2nd story bar they've added. Everything continues to improve and still revolve around a fun ski day.

*Something new. This time was my first time checking out the Navajo side of the resort. I still haven't been snowmobiling there yet...they offer so much.

*The events. It seems like there is ALWAYS an event there. This coming weekend is "Great White Weekend". Find Brian Head on Facebook and Twitter to get in the loop.

She started to come around.

"So, without lift lines, you skied untracked powder for two days and hung out kind of 'on base' at the resort and enjoyed it, again?"


"Well let me know when the next trip is, and count me in!"

The BREAKING NEWS is that there will be another Southern Utah trip in our future: Eagle Point will open for the 2011/12 season at 9:30am on Friday, January 27th!

You can ski both these great resorts in a weekend trip. I can't wait to get back...again!

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat