Step 5 Après-Ski Life: Basic Training

By King of Après Oct 7, 2016
Step 5 of Après Adam's 12-Step Program For Après-Ski Conditioning: Basic Training. Fall foliage and fitness. Pumpkin spice lattes, pedicures, and premieres. You'll FALL in love with this week's après-ski training.
Step 5 Après-Ski Life: Basic Training

 Après Adam here with step 5 of my 12-Step Program for Après-Ski Conditioning. I’m here to help you have the best après-ski season of your life!

STEP 5: “Basic Training"

After a beautiful weekend, it's currently snowing, but accumulation probably won’t be enough to ski. And since you can't après-ski without first skiing, it's a great time to instead take care of some life-maintenance activities, aka Basic Training.

A quick recap and preview of this week's après-tunities in bullet points because I’ve been known to get carried away with my words:

  • The Teton Gravity Research premiere of Tight Loose was last Thursday at Red Butte. The event was delayed a week due to snow and Mother Nature delivered a perfect night. While the crowd was a little mellow for my liking, the event was nearly sold out, the movie was awesome, the snacks were on point, and the beverages were flowing. Apparently, most everyone read Step 2 and practiced proper ski movie premiere survival techniques.

  • This past weekend was closing weekend for lift-served biking at Park City Resort - Canyons Base. I planned on going both days, but on Saturday, two friends wiped out simultaneously on Rally Cat and weren’t able to ride closing day. They forgot an unwritten rule in Après-Ski Conditioning season: do not get hurt before ski season (heal up, Nate). On the bright side, we got to celebrate #NationalTacoDay a few days early:
  • Sunday night was the Global Premiere for Travis Rice’s two-year project, The Fourth Phase. It was my first ever snowboard-specific premiere and I managed to blend in with the rowdy snowboard crowd. My snowboarder following must not be as strong, because more than a few people failed to follow my steps on surviving premiere season and got a little carried away. This movie is an absolute must-see for any snow sport enthusiast.

  • On Monday, I got a Pumpkin Spice Latte (#PSL) and my first-ever pedicure. The #PSL was for research as I envision using it as a starter for après-ski cocktail this season. The pedi comes highly recommended by skiers in order to avoid ingrown toenails, cracked heels, and other ski boot ailments. It was Basic Training, but the whole experience was divine.

  • Monday night brought another global premiere (it’s free on the internet) of the short ski film Peregrine. Two local rippers, Rob Aseltine and Giray Dadali, chase storms in a small plane. Who hasn’t dreamt about doing that? Take seven minutes and watch this film.
  • Wednesday marks another online premiere of Move 2, by The Big Picture. Parker White and Chris Logan are two of my favorite people to watch ski.  Plus it's free. Click here, crack a PBR, shoot some Fireball and have your own private premiere at home. Or invite some friends over and host your very own premiere! 
  • The middle of the week should be ideal for taking photos of the snow covered foliage. It’s a great opportunity to work on your Instagram game. Maybe try out some clever new hashtags and pick up some new followers for the upcoming après-ski season. #BeaUTAHful
  • Personally, I made an appointment to see a Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) specialist this week to get rid of some lingering aches and pains before après-ski season starts. Because you can’t après-ski in the ski patrol aid room. I’ve tried.

  • It’s also a great week to work out and detox via hot yoga. I’m headed to Tadasana Yoga Studio in Park City for some Power Vinyasa. It’s a great way to increase flexibility and build strength for ski season. It’s also a great place to meet single guys and girls while learning some yoga buzzwords to sound enlightened. I’ll also be looking to master some basic poses for the next time I’m asked to do a backcountry yoga photoshoot for the boys.

  • Second Tracks Sports is hosting a ski swap this weekend (October 7-9) in Salt Lake City. The deals look legit. Get in there and pick up some new and used gear.

  • The Locals Pro-Sale is being held on Saturday the 8th at the Wasatch Brew Pub in Park City. The event is billed as both a ski swap and a party, two of my favorite things. Help support local pros by rocking their old gear and clothes from last season. Who knows? Someone might mistake you for their favorite pro and buy you a drink this season. It could happen.

  • Ja Rule is playing Park City Live on Saturday night. It has nothing to do with skiing, but I was stoked to find out “Ja” is still alive and touring.
  • This weekend should be another great chance to get out and ride some bikes. There's no faster way to take in as much fall foliage as possible before it's gone. It may be the last weekend to ride Crest Trail or practice poaching lines by riding Tidal Wave at Deer Valley Resort. And don't forget to Google an inspiring quote about fall over an après-bike session. 

That’s about it for this week’s lesson. Take care of some Basic Training while there's still time. Winter will be here before we know it... I mean, #WinterIsComing