Get Stronger, Ski Longer!

By Active Alyssa Dec 1, 2015
Fitness Facts on strengthening your lower body to prepare for the next outdoor activity or trip to Utah! "P's to Plan for Skis"
Get Stronger, Ski Longer!

Have you ever had to cut your ski day short because your leg muscles were on fire, or fatigue was setting in? You don’t want to limit your laps on the SNOCRU app, or be burnt out after one day of skiing. I want you to be properly prepared and only feel the burn of a hot tub and fireball shots during your ski trip! My favorite ways to get in ski shape is to stomp through snow and skin up mountains. If you don’t have that opportunity but want to get in ski shape, follow my “P’s to Plan for Skis” before your trip to Utah! 

Plyometric exercises are one of the best ways to increase strength and improve agility. Powerful, explosive, eccentric movements get muscles jumping and hearts pumping. I would say that skiing is similar to doing squats in the cold with an adrenaline rush. With that being said, you'll want to start building muscle by doing jumping squats, single leg hops, side jumps, and walking lunges. These moves can be mastered anywhere. Do 20 reps of each of these exercises 4 times per week for 6 weeks before your ski trip to increase your endurance and leg strength for skiing.     

  • Plan a routine 

Schedule time in your day 3-4 times per week to complete a challenging workout. You can’t do less and think you’re going to progress! Increase your repetitions and time as your endurance improves. The stronger you get, the more simple your workouts will seem. Make the choice to be active every day, especially in times of stress. Let movement be thy medicine. Start routine, healthy habits like taking the stairs, going on walks during free time, and dancing more than you drink!

  • Pair up or Pack in

Pair up with a workout buddy, or pack in a workout class. Encourage one another to work harder and be better together. If you don’t go to the same gym as your people, or don't have the same schedule, set up a system for checking in to help keep each other accountable. Let motivation push you, inspiration pull you, and remember that only you can decide the level of effort you put in. Possibilities are endless, even if you don’t have a gym membership. There are YouTube videos, Pinterest workouts, Fitness Apps, and Workout DVD’s. Pick workouts that you can enjoy! You’ll never regret a fun sweat!  

  • Practice Prevention

Injury prevention starts with warming up before you work. You’ll go insane if you have to sit all season due to a strain or sprain. Start with a brisk walk, jog in place, or jumping jacks. After you’re warm and ready, do your work, then don’t forget to stretch. Always, always, always stretch. It’s so good to lengthen muscles and wring out lactic acid and toxins. Yoga is a fantastic addition for injury prevention. There are many studios that offer different types of classes for all interests and needs. Check out the closest Lululemon in your area for complimentary yoga classes or a free week at Core Power for new Yogis.  

  • Pleasure and Pamper

Make sure you rest and recover by treating yourself to a day at a spa or spend some time a hot tub or bath. This can relieve pain, reduce stress, and boost mood and immunity. When you visit Utah, Solitude Mountain Spa offers an Après Ski Refresh for stress relieve and revitalization. Check out fitness schedules when you are at the spa to see what classes you can participate in. Spa Montage at Deer Valley has great options to choose from.  The Spa at Sundance is also a therapeutic rejuvenating destination offering the Four Winds massage at 20% off until December 6th. Perfect timing to promote relaxation before the holidays!  

After learning and integrating my “P’s to Plan for Skis” you are ready to Perform in the Powder!

~XOXO, Bring on the SNOW!