Beaver... Hidden Gem

By Jake Jan 5, 2009

When I read Kendall's post about Beaver, I had to post this story from my brother who was up at Beaver last week... 
It was the second day of the season as my friends and I drove up the snowy Logan canyon. The locals had been bragging about this hidden treasure all summer long and I couldn't wait to see what all the fuss was about. The beautiful mountain stood before us as we piled out of the car. It beckoned us with overwhelming amounts of powder. The day couldn't have been better. The powder lasted all day long. Run after run it was smooth, soft and absolutely perfect. Throughout the day, we tried to cover as much ground as possible. The face lift was first and the south face runs came next. It was epic! 
Beaver has something for riders of every level. Tree runs, cat tracks and wide open lines are free and uncluttered by other riders. Harry's Dream lift has plenty of powder with hardly anyone around. When you go, make time for Lue's or Stan's Bonanza. And when you can pry yourself away, head over to Marge's Triple and get lost in some trees. It's the best tree run I've ever been on.
Beaver is one of the best family resorts in Utah. It's the ideal place for children to learn skiing or snowboarding. Plus, it's the perfect mountain for families of all sizes to have a great day of skiing. There's plenty of room for everyone. It's just the locals and you, no crowds to worry about. And if you come back next season, you might just know the majority of the people on the mountain.
Once you're done skiing, just head half an hour west and you'll find yourself back in Logan. A few minutes east will place you in Bear Lake, eating some of the best burgers and raspberry shakes known to man.
Bottom line, Beaver will make a lasting impression on you. You will not forget the freedom this mountain provides. The friendly staff, the warm, new lodge and the endless runs of pure powder will leave you breathless, excited for more.
Pictures are stuck somewhere, will be added soon.