Birthday Pow

By Chris B Dec 30, 2008
Birthday Pow

Let’s talk about an epic powder day capped with a night at the Alta Lodge. The Alta Lodge was my birthday surprise from my girlfriend, the 20” of snow was my present from the gods. The day was great with runs in Eagle’s Nest followed by some High Rustler and Greely Hill laps. The face shots were everywhere and so were the smiles.

pc260267-450x337 (pc260267-450x337)
Collins Lift

First stop: The Sitz. Fourteen of us rendezvoused at one of Alta’s classic bars at the Alta Lodge after skiing our hearts out. We then rushed to the dining area to be served our four course meal complete with options of venison and salmon. And to top it all a dark chocolate espresso cake to put us all into a serious food coma.

Then the hot tub full of stories of our favorite runs of the day. I love hot tubs after skiing. It is so relaxing.

pc260270-450x600 (pc260270-450x600)

In the morning we awoke to a dusting of new fallen snow and an amazing view of Mount Superior from our room. Very few things take my breath away then Mount Superior on a clear morning when the early sun illuminates the peak. Staying at the Alta Lodge is a must for anyone looking for that Alta experience: