Bluebird Day At Brighton

By Powderhound Cat Jan 5, 2011

I am having a really hard time with this. You're thinking, "You won a Silver Pass! Piece of cake! Go ski! Write us a blog!"

It isn't that easy. I want to be objective. How can I do that when every single day is the BEST DAY EVER?!?!

I've already got more powder days under my belt this year than the last two put together.  I wasn't even planning on having a big day out today, just making a few morning runs. I drove out to Brighton with my music blaring and my coffee by my side. 

Then it was the best day ever.

Here's where I get serious. People are going to fight me on this one, but I don't care, I'm coming out, I'm saying it: Brighton is killing its grooming this winter. If you like ripping corduroy, flying down groomers, testing your top speed, get out there. If I knew how to work that Droid app I'd be able to tell you how fast I got going, but internally I knew it was a personal best. I was flying today. Until I saw a "slow" sign, promise...

Check out the first freeze frame in the video. Beautiful, right?


It held up all day. I had lunch (also in the video - can you even believe that? That is a HALF order of nachos! No, they weren't mine...). I went back out. I was lapping the lifts like it was a NASCAR race. And, I wasn't the only one. I took lift after lift up with grinning, shiny, happy people telling me about the great value, the great fun that Brighton offers. And how perfect the snow was. 

Best day ever. Until, I say it again.

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat