Brewfest At Snowbird

By Powderhound Cat Jun 20, 2011
Brewfest At Snowbird

At Snowbird in June, we are kicking off our summer.

And we're still skiing.

The first few years I only spent winters out here in Utah, and I had no idea just how much I was missing.

I didn't think the resorts would have anything to offer me.

Now I'm calling friends and family and organizing summer trips for them to see the beauty of Utah as the seasons change.

Maybe this year it's taking longer than usual, but for the most part as we wait for the trails to dry out, it's hard to complain.

I captured just how gorgeous it is up Little Cottonwood Canyon this past weekend:

img_1645 (img_1645)

img_1647 (img_1647)

Brewfest this year was a big party with a great turnout. 

img_1648 (img_1648)

I was able to sample some delicious beer - my personal favorites were the Pilsner from Bohemian, the Roosters Brewing Company, and Desert Edge brews.

img_1654 (img_1654)

img_1669 (img_1669)

I hope you were able to get up and enjoy the great food, music, and beer in addition to the sun and snow!

img_1655 (img_1655)

img_1657 (img_1657)

img_1670 (img_1670)

If you missed out, don't worry. Stay tuned for my next post on more things you can look forward to this summer as the snow melts.

Utah has so much to offer, and I'm diving in to summer. I'll be out enjoying new activities, sports, and events to share with you.


Powderhound Cat